Saturday, 22 June 2013

Blog Shop Festival 2013 ♥ !

Hello everyone ! 
I'm calling for all the Fashionistas , beauty queens & kings , I'M LITERALLY CALLING FOR EVERYONE ! Why ? Well , I only call you guys for good things don't I ! As most of you know , there's gonna be a MEGA flea by For Flea Sake this coming 29th June 2013 called the 'Blog Shop Festival' :D ! 

So what's Blog Shop Festival ?
Blog Shop Festival happens every year at different location gathering all the branded blogshops , bloggers & vendors who wanna sell their pretty brand new AND pre-loved items (can be clothes , masks , accessories & more ! Anything you see at flea !) at SUPER MEGA AFFORDABLE PRICES . Last year , they had famous blogger , Qiuqiu & the rests present at Blog Shop Festival itself and selling her items at the same time !!!

 THIS YEAR , I'm lucky enough
to be invited with the other bloggers , Marx Mae , Erica (known as TIG3RLILYX ) and Chloe Choo to have our very own booth at Blog Shop Festival which is gonna happen at St James Powerhouse from 1PM to 7PM , SIX HOURS OF FUN & MAD SHOPPING AT SUPER CHEAP PRICES !!!! See , sheltered and air-conditioned place somemore :D Please come down to support me & the rest of us pleaseeeee ♥♥♥♥ ! 

Don't be afraid if you can't 
recognize us because I'm sure you can after watching this video teaser :

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Yessssssssssssss , I know man ! I look so crappy
over there compared to all the pretty bloggers ! I'm super petite in real life but HEY , I'm gonna try my best to look gorgeous that day & I've gotten a new hairstyle (scroll to view more photos of my new hairstyle) SO PLEASE RECOGNIZE ME AND SAY HELLO OKAY WE ARE FRIENDLY ♥ ! Remember , even if you're just gonna come here & shop , meet your favorite blogger , shop your favorite blog shop brand etc etc etc , please do not forget to DRESS UP (if you want) . Dressing up just make all of us feel better while shopping right ! Do look gorgeous on that day as well ♥ 

And a little bit more on 
what I would be selling on that day , it's mostly clothes both brand new and pre-love such as bralets , rompers & dresses ! Not to forget facial masks , accessories & many more :D ! My booth would most likely be on the second level of Powerhouse SO PLEASE COME TO THE SECOND LEVEL , I would like to take pictures with all of you ♥ ! P/S : I WOULD ALSO BE SELLING MALE ITEMS SO GIRLS GRAB IT FOR YOUR MAN , OR GUYS COME GRAB IT FOR YOURSELF ! I would be selling things as cheap at 50 CENTS , $2 onwards ^^ !!!! 

be crazy cheap there & I can't wait to leave my booth to my friend and go shop myself ! (OOPS , I'm actually serious , I REALLY AM SUPER EXCITED TO SHOP) Please come earlier before all the good stuffs are sold , but I'm sure all vendors would be bringing enough stocks to last till the end of the day , everybody want's to clear their stuffs ! 

Once again , I really hope you guys would 
come support the mega Blog Shop Festival which only happens once a year & congratulations to all blog readers who won the VIP queue , so you wouldn't have to wait hahaha . I also recommend those who intend to shop to bring your own bags as some vendors may run out of plastic bags ! SO AGAIN AGAIN HERE'S THE DETAILS : 

Event - Blog Shop Festival 2013
Venue - St James Powerhouse Station (can walk from Vivo City , nearest MRT is Harbourfront)
Time - 1PM to 7PM ( SIX HOURS OF FLEA AND SHOPPING) For more information , click HERE !

Can't wait to see you guys there ♥ !
Gonna bring one luggage there and bring two luggage of clothes home due to too much shopping at B.S.F hehe .