Thursday, 4 July 2013

I just wanna relax .

Sometimes I just wanna
head out without makeup , feel fresh , let my skin breathe and relax myself .
Don't you wanna do that at times too ? And I truly say , days like this really feels relaxing & free ! 

Once in awhile , 
having a really simple day out without makeup can feel real good too ^^ ! 
So on two occasions I did it and felt so happy (if you do follow me on social platforms you would know) !

Headed out to Vivo City to meet
both my elder sisters with my hair all tied up ! And here's my outfit for that day : 

Denim jacket is from Forever 21 , basic top & bag is from H&M , shoes from Bugis .

My eldest sister , Christy 
doesn't live with my second sister , Fiona and I . She has been living with her boyfriend for really long already , approximately 7 years ? Hahaha , so both me and Fiona hardly sees her ! So on that day we all met up at Vivo City for some high tea session so we can chit chat over it ♥ 
Going out with them
is always the same thing : TO RELAX and HAVE FUN . YUP . 
Sadly when we reached , Fiona had to get some things done so she couldn't follow us for high tea ): 
So we scratched the whole high tea idea and we drove off from Vivo to Changi for Starbucks -____________- quite stupid lol . 
Caramel Hot Chocolate

So stupid la drove all the way
to Changi just for Starbucks when Vivo doesn't have much of a difference for Cafes like that . But it wasn't a bad day ! Spending time with my sisters are one of the best things ever , getting updates about their life , having heart to heart talks like we never had . We even talked about how we're gonna celebrate my birthday this year which is November wtffffffffff hahaha still long ! 
When it's getting late ,
 we went to fetch one of her friend & boyfriend to have dinner ! Fulfilling dinner x good talks at night = perfect day spent ♥ 
Second time within the same 
period , I also met up with Ginity whom I've not met in ages ! Every time we decide to meet up or stay overs , it's ALWAYS impromptu . So then we were just texting and suddenly we decided to meet up the next day & guess where we went ? Far East Plaza ! 
I wanted to source
for 'cute' shoes there as in the Jap style but to my disappointment no such things there LOL . Stupid haze was so disturbing then , at night , Ginity stayed over at my place after we did some mini shopping at Far East Plaza :D 
In case you don't know why
we haven't met up in ages and why Ginity come over my place less was because my dog bit her once , real badly that she has phobia of stepping into my house even . But that night , everything was fine , so the next day we decided to head to Bugis ! 
We actually managed to shop for
A LOT of shoes at super cheap prices like $10 because the shop wants to clear their stocks wtf . And it's not available in all sizes , we were lucky so lucky !!!! Happily ended our day by having a satisfying meal at Long John Silver Bugis . 

Ginity ahahhahaa

No pictures of myself that day ! 
I simply wore a romper which I sold recently at Blog Shop Festival 2013 !!! Will blog about that event soon