Thursday, 4 July 2013

Grooming gone wrong & Hello Kitty Madness ?!

There was this day
where I just decided to queue for the freaking black hello kitty called 'The Singing Bone' . I have all the Hello kitties before that one including last year's one . But to disappoint you first , I did not get the last one , which is the singing bone . AHA . So two days before Singing Bone released , I went to Hong Kong Cafe nearby my house at Anchorpoint with Fiona and Zoey for supper ! 

Ordered Warm Soy Milk drink for myself that night . SWEAR this tastes freaking good ♥ !!!

Also I was introduced by the waitress there that there's this new Mango Taohuey & decided to give it a try ! SUPER LOVE IT , not to sweet & not too plain with the combination of diced mangoes , tastes heavenly ♥ ! You guys should REALLY try it if you haven't . Because besides Laoban and the one at Johor KSL , I don't praise any other taohueys !

In case you're wondering 
why I only ordered a drink and taohuey (beancurd) it's because Fiona and I actually had Ikea meatballs before meeting Zoey for supper LOOOOOOOOOL x: Meatballs craving satisfied ! 

Har gao

 Was chatting
with them about almost anything mainly relationships AND the hello kitty thing . I told them I was gonna go queue for the singing bone the next day . Had a great chat , headed home & decided to try out the new Instagram video thing on who ? On my pup first hahaha . Here you go did three Insta videos of him at once !

First Insta Video :

Second Insta Video :

Third Insta Video : 

Hahaha that's why sometimes I call him Furball even though his registered name is 'Boyboy' ! 
Because he is soooooooooooooo furry . So next day in the morning , I saw him sleeping in a super weird position (which always happen) and decided to do another two Insta Video on him again ! *Crazy owner alert* 

But his grooming went SUPER bad that day . Wanna see how he looks like after grooming ? 
READ TILL END HAHA . Will show a insta video of him after grooming at the end of this blog post !

Before heading out to
queue for the hello kitty here's my plain makeup for that day :

Lip makeup for that day ^^ Quite in love with this one even though it makes my lips smaller and doesn't refine the shape of my lip . It just gives a very .... pure look ? *ahem ahem*

So quickly , this was what happened the next day 
when I reached at 11PM sharp before the Singing Bone Hello kitty released which is at 12AM . So FACT , I was 1 hour earlier right ? But when I reached Queensway mac (nearest to my house) and this mac is already counted as one of the most ulu ones , this is what happened : 

ONE HOUR before Singing Bone Hello kitty was released , the queue is already this long ?!

And can you see where
the red arrow was pointing ? That's where the mac is at . And mind you , the mac is at LEVEL THREE . Before queued from level three to basement , BACK to level 1 and OUT of the macdonalds which is where I am when it's only 11PM . And there was still people coming . MADNESS . And guess what I did ? I straight away knew there was no need to queue anymore . It's not possible to fight with this crazy amount of crowd .

What did I do ? 
Nope , I'm not gonna let it be a wasted trip . So I decided to just go all the way into my Mac counter to order my meal and head home . When I got to the counter , NOBODY was there loooooooooool . Point proven , everybody was there for the Singing Bone hello kitty . Nobody really wants the meal . 

So while ordering my mac , 
there was youngsters buying normal meals as usual and then this dude asked me , "how come so many people queueing ah ?" I explained and he was like "SIAO this people" lololol . Out of curiosity , I asked the counter person what time did those people came to queue for the HK ? She said SIX PM . WTF 6PM . Meaning they queued there for at least 12 HOURS for that freaking hello kitty . 

Guys who did it
for your girlfriends , I salute you . (It is mostly guys at the queue every time I went) 
People who did it for selling purposes , fuck you hahaha kns . Even though it seems like there's nothing wrong doing this "buy and sell" business , I just find people like you guys IRRITATING . Yup ^^ 

Before anything , 
let me 爽 (shiok) a bit post my own cam ho pics of that day ok ? Hahaha


Ok so that night I just went home with my Mcspicy
meal feeling a tad bit grumpy and sad that I didn't get the HK . Out of boredom , decided to do and Insta video of myself :

 And above is the one with my pup after grooming . 
When I saw him I got kinda sad too , all his beautiful and thick fur is all shaved off , in such a ugly manner somemore . And he have to cuddle/sleep on the sofa or with us nowadays because without his thick fur coat he feels super cold . And he would automatically come over to cuddle with us which he usually don't . Quite heart pain leh ): And in this insta video below , he obviously doesn't look like he is in a good mood :

Yup that's about all , 
new blog post up BELOW this one !!!!!!
* crosses finger and hopes that my boyboy's fur will grow ASAP just like before *

Ending this blog post with
a Instagram Video of me to you guys ! Love y'all ♥