Friday, 5 July 2013

Blog Shop Festival 2013 Success ♥ !

Yayyyyyyyyy ! 
Hahaha yup , in case you don't know what is it about , I have blogged about it HERE .
Basically I was invited to be there with three other bloggers , Marx Mae , Erica & Chloe Choo to be present at Blog Shop Festival to sell our clothes and all :D !!!

Super happy !
I love For Flea Sake ♥ (they are the ones who organize B.S.F) 
I was so excited to sell my clothes , meet new people and BUY clothes on that very day ! But most of the time I was pretty nervous because I'm afraid that things will not go smoothly like lack of change for customers etc ^^ But I got all things prepared :D 

See , on that day
I brought TWO big luggage of clothes for sale & one big bag of brand new shoes !

And vain girl me
obviously wants to look pretty especially when thousands of people come down to Blog Shop Festival to shop every year ! Even if nobody wants to look at me I still wanna look chio laaaaaaaaaa hahahha . So here's my outfit of the day ! 

I swear I went
through a lot of hassle just for my outfit okay . 
I saw this super pretty 2 piece dress online , which is what I wore above and decided that THIS is what I'm gonna wear on BSF . But all online blog shops waiting time is crazy ! Till I found this Blog shop that has instock for size S I'm like "whoa I damn lucky" 

But when it arrived to me , 
Yes from there you can know I am indeed VERY small size . Almost every piece of clothing I buy regardless smallest size or not , I have to alter it EVEN SMALLER . So knowing I only left with a few days to BSF , I decided  to sent it for alteration and see whether it can come back to me on time PROVIDED it fits me perfectly . 

ONE day before BSF , 
I collected this 2 piece dress after alteration and YES ! It fits me perfectly . P/S : I even went to source for shoes for 2 days just for this outfit . And straight after I collect my clothes , I went into JB with my sisters , did hair treatment and did my pedi AND manicure which are all in pastel colors ! 
Namely , pastel pink , purple , green and yellow :D ♥ 

To tell you a little bit more drama ,
I actually slept less than 4 hours before I headed down to BSF , madness right ?! I was preparing and packing everything till late and the next day I HAVEN'T PREPARED MY CHANGE FOR BSF . But thank goodness one of my friend helped me prepared change and send it all the way down to Blog Shop Festival for me !!!!! Thank you ♥ 

I brought my bro's girlfriend
along with me to help out with BSF and she's the one who helped me took my outfit of the day . 
Do you think I myself can manage all the luggage and calm my nervous nerves ? HAHA NO . So I'm glad she was with me that day , Thank you Amanda ♥ !!! 

Amanda & I on the cab on the way to BSF !
Yes we booked a cab , 
how can we take public transport with just the two of us ?! (Actually I'm just pure lazy hehe) And I wanted to reach early to prepare my booth swee swee for you girls ok !!! Just before the cab comes , I decided to make Amanda take more photos of myself LOL : 

Crazy girl la me . 
Take so many ootd and yet none looked normal HAHHAHAHA . 
Which reminds me that yes I brought my DSLR along that day but didn't really use it at all , sorry guys for the lack of photos ! BSF kept me so occupied with my booth and shopping that I REALLY didn't bother taking photos after that x: 

And did you know when I reached at about 
11plus in the morning , (BSF starts at 1PM) , there were already a lot of people queuing and waiting to go in to shop ?! I was so shocked to see the crowd queuing at such an early timing ! ALSO , vendors had to queue for their turn to go in too . The queues were very neat , like one line for vendors , another for the public .

That very moment when 
I reached , I FELT LIKE A QUEEN LOOOOOL pardon me ! 
Because I didn't have to queue and Jason (organizer) was nice enough to come out to help me carry my luggage in . I am nobody , but For Flea Sake really treats me so well like I am somebody . They are really super super nice to me I love them laaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥ !!!! Even Qiuqiu always praise them :D 

So quickly when 
I reached my booth where it stated it's a space for Mae , Erica and I , I thought it was so grand . LOL , see how nice For Flea Sake treats us ?! But I was the first blogger to be there so I took the chance to set things up first so I wouldn't be in a rush later ! Even got time to smoke and chit chat with the rests LOL . 

Part of my booth

Very soon when BSF 
is officially ready to open to public to shop , everyone started coming and it's like crowds and crowds can just suddenly swarm over your booth like bees LOL . What stupid description I just used ._____.
And I'm very glad
 that For Flea Sake  gave my friends and I sofa seats , a really big area for us to chill even when people are coming to shop with us ! Not to mention , For Flea Sake even bought food for my friends and I for free (': I mean seriously , it's like I don't deserve such good treatment but they're just so fucking friendly and nice . Great hosts !!!

And this girl in the picture ,
I'm sorry that I didn't get her face , is one of my loyal blog readers and she's the FIRST customer for my booth !!! She bought like 13 clothes and 2 pair of shoes from me AT ONCE and spent a total amount of $122 at my booth !!! Crazy girl ♥ And it's not like she keep browsing for damn long then she decided to buy , it's like she see already she just take , in less than 10 minutes O_O ?! 

I asked her why 
she bought so many and she's like , "I came here just to support you" 
 HEART MELTS PLEASE . Makes me feel like I'm being loved , because I'm not somebody big and all . She also shopped a bit from Erica's booth ^^ !!! Thank you love , for supporting us ♥ !

People digging from my luggage where I sell everything there below $5

This girl bought my brand new shoes after trying !!!! Yay !! HAHAHA

Amanda packing the clothes where customers messed up ~ Thank you for all the hard work babe

Really I wanna thank 
For Flea Sake again for treating me like a princess and giving me and my friends such a huge area on your big event ! Oh yes , during the event in Powerhouse , they also had DJs and EMCEEs in the house !!

But I didn't stay
at my booth with my friends the whole day , 
I actually went to shop like twice x: and spent a total of $200 plus within just awhile !!! SO HAPPY THAT I GET TO SHOP HEHEHEHE . Blog Shop Festival is a genius event seriously . Before that day , I already plan to like splurge and buy lot's of clothes at once because I know there wouldn't be another place where clothes from branded blogshops would be going at super cheap prices . 

And it's not old ugly clothes , 
it's brand new in trend ! And when I saw them selling at cheap prices I just keep buying hahahaha . Bought a lot of pastel and floral clothing ! :D Can you imagine , the whole Powerhouse filled with booths of BRAND NEW CHIO CLOTHINGS , SHOES , FACIAL MASKS AND MEGA CHEAP PRICES , it's impossible that you're not gonna spend $$ ! 

Even Amanda , 
who didn't intend to buy anything , bought bags and clothes for herself ! 
And I would say all that money I've spend that day is sooooooooooooo worth it :D Had so much fun , met readers in person , getting to know others , shopped good stuffs at super cheap prices ! And when tired , I get to rest at my own sofa area with my friends .......... I can't explain my love for For Flea Sake and how lucky I feel to be invited SERIOUSLY . 

Jason even performed 
magic tricks for some of us la hahhaha ♥ . But the emcee sort of like pronounced the bloggers name all wrongly x_x . He pronounced my name as like , "chry-sun" it's supposed to be pronounced the same way as Chrysanthemum lor !!!! And mind you it's not fake ok , I don't know how many times I must explain that my name in officially on my birth cert ever since I'm born , IT'S NOT A NAME THAT I GAVE TO MYSELF FOR FUN :@ 

It was really a 
very fruitful day and I was super happy with all my buys ♥ 
Even till now I very happy LOLOL . And a little surprise for you guys and me !!! Blog Shop Festival and the other bloggers are featured on news by the Newpaper !!!!  

Sian , now you know how old I am lol .

Click HERE for the original link of the article .  

All in all , 
I really like to thank all of you who came down to support my booth and For Flea Sake for everything . The amount of things they done for me is like a list that never ends really . Thank you the new paper and thank you everyone ♥♥  !!!