Thursday, 11 July 2013


 The other day I was 
sooooooo lucky that I was invited to the opening of a shop at The Cathay called , the 'SPACE INVASION' as one of the bloggers ! It was opened at 11AM for the VIP launch which is for the media , label owners and invited bloggers while at 1PM it is officially open to the public as stated in Qiuqiu's blog !!!! ^^

First of all thank you Jason for the invite okay ♥ 
Over there I was introduced to all the awesome label owners and bloggers and I had such a great time because they served VIPs very nice food & drinks !!!!

Here's my outfit 
to The Cathay that day :D 

Knitted top x high waist shorts are bought from Blog Shop Festival !!!

In the shop Space Invasion , 
there are spaces for each and every brand/label example : KAN PUA HOR TIAM [www.theflippingawesome.com] , Erica's very own brand TIG3RLILYX and Sulli ! Shoes , male and female clothes , phone accessories , bags and even lingerie can be found in SPACE INVASION ♥♥ 

The labels are also called 'The Invaders' which you can see outside the shop as seen above ! Super cute design ♥


Erica's very own brand ♥

Can you see all the different labels on top ?

Not long after I reached , 
I was already noming crazily already hahaha the food is super nice !!! 

Did I mention about
the lingerie brand SULLI ? Sulli's owner , Shermaine is super nice ♥ !!! She prepared 
gifts for Erica , Qiuqiu , Chloe , Mae and I ! And what is it ? It's their own branding , SULLI LINGERIE , the designs are all super chio !!! Regret not taking pictures of their product ): 

Photos grabbed from Shermaine's Instagram ! Shermaine , myself & Kelvin :D

Photo grabbed from Shermaine's Instagram , thank you for the gift , super love ♥♥♥ !!!
Wrapped until so nice somemore ♥

Bottom of the box

Once again thank you Shermaine ♥ !

Hahaha so awhile later , 
Erica reached and I was super happy when she's here coz I finally got company hehe ♥ 
Helped her out with setting up her very own space in SPACE INVASION !

Erica !
With Jasmine ♥♥

Kent , myself & Erica :D LOL both Erica and I realized that we both are wearing the same shorts that we bought on BSF and we didn't plan to buy it together or wear it together ! Plus later on when I reached home and browse the photos then I realize we both wore knitted tops omggg

And did I say , 
when I reached at around 11AM there were already people queuing and waiting to for their turn to go in at 1PM ?! I think most of them are Qiuqiu's readers !!!

At 1PM when it's
open to public , the crowd is CRAZY ! Many people came and flooded the shop , literally . 

It was really a very
fulfilling day , knowing different label owners etc . I even bought stuffs from SPACE INVASION myself ^^ ! Once again thank you Jason for inviting me over and Shermaine for the gift ♥ !  

Starting from below is all random
and silly photos I took on that day hehe .

Pastel toe nails o:

Pastel nails ~

Okay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enough of all the narcissist photos hahahha please remember to visit SPACE INVASION @ The Cathay okay guys ♥