Friday, 12 July 2013

Pee Mak !

Hi everyone ! 
Starting this blog post with a Insta Video of myself as seen below ! Hahahaha (was taken at the end of the day actually) Follow me on Instagram/Twitter and you would know !

So not long ago , 
I went to Cineleisure to catch a movie called 'Pee Mak' ! 

I'm sure many of you have watched it or known/heard of , 
as it's a really VERY FUNNY HORROR SHOW . LOL , yes how can a horror movie actually be funny ?! But honestly , I'm really impressed by how this film can actually make me laugh throughout and give me goosebumps when necessary yet conveying a very clear message : undying love .

I'm the kind
of person that CANNOT watch horror/thrillers . I mean , I'm super timid and easily shaken/shocked/whatever/so on hahahaha . But I decided to give Pee Mak a try as I received so many positive comments from people all around and it makes me feel so curious about a 'funny horror love' movie ! 

To start off the day , 
here's my outfit to Cineleisure that day : 

Super love my floral boots and mint bag can ?! Hehe

Oh yes and before 
I left my home for the movie , I actually took a lot of self shots so beware !

LOL added fake tears to this picture because my bangs are getting so long !!! It's even longer right now , really gotta have it trimmed soon . But it's a good thing ain't it ? Shows that my hair is growing !


When I reached
Cineleisure , I didn't really had much time to do anything at all as I'm kinda 'just nice' for the movie so I went to the cinema straight ! Was so afraid that I kept trying to cover my eyes just in case there are any scary moments . Which typically looks like this : 

I swear it's the worst habit of mine while watching horror shows !
Yes , I always try to cover my eyes with my hands while watching , but whenever I know something scary is gonna happen , I COVER , BUT I DON'T REALLY COVER MY EYES AT ALL . Why ? Blame it on curiosity ! LOL , scared and curious at the same time , so I try to cover , but don't really cover at all . Stupid . That's what I'm doing throughout the movie but laughing a lot !!!

In case you guys
are wondering (for those who didn't watch) , it actually have no scary parts at all . I'm somebody who's VERY timid . But really , no scary parts at all , no rotten faces , whatsoever ! Super safe to watch if you're afraid like me (-: 

After catching the movie
Pee Mak , which was extremely fulfilling , I went over to Wisma to have dinner ♥ ! Which was also my breakfast ): bad habit lol . No wonder I'm so unhealthy . Guess what I had ? 

It's Pepper Lunch ! 
Adding cheese is a must for me whenever I have pepper lunch , I mean , anything with cheese is just awesome . We all love Mozzarella don't we ? :D 

After a little chatting with my
friend , we decided to head home , Singapore can get real boring sometimes lol . 

*reaches home and still can't stop being a camwhore T_T*

Another Insta Video with my pup above
♥ ! 
 Yes and on the side note , I actually found out that Pee Mak was filmed based on the original movie from Thailand as well called 'Nang Nak' , which is a very famous and popular one !! Nang Nak was filmed based on a famous Thai Legend , sorta like a myth . But many people believes it's true so this horror show is like true story !!! You can read up about the movie Nang Nak and the story's origin HERE .

It is a really interesting
legend , you wouldn't regret reading ! So basically Pee Mak is like the funny version of Nang Nak but with some twists in it . And did you know that the female lead in Pee Mak is also actually ZA's model in Thailand ? She's Davika Hoorne and she's only 21 years old THIS YEAR !!! Super pretty and all pls lol . 

Just in case
if you're wondering whether the original movie , Nang Nak would be scary then , I would say no . It doesn't have any gross or scary parts but definitely not funny like Pee Mak . But very touching as well and you can easily watch it on Youtube with subtitles !!! :D


Ended that amazing day
with my facial care done hehe pls pardon me without makeup ^^

With and without makeup like "变脸" hor ? HAHAHAHAHA  

And because
I was messing around with Insta Videos , I recalled my GIFBoom account and made a GIF too :

My pup sleeps on his bed toooooooooo , 
goodnight everyone ♥ I still have so much blog posts for you guys ahead :D !!!