Saturday, 13 July 2013

World War Z

If you followed
me on Twitter , you would've known that I've been dying for a movie marathon . Like watch many movies at once in a day , but obviously , no one's gonna do that with me . But at least they can accompany me to watch them one by one ! So not long back , my friend Chongyang accompanied me to watch the movie I've been dying to watch , World War Z at The Cathay :D 

Here's my 
hairdo and outfit to The Cathay that day ^^

Hehe macaroons x cupcakes x cakes dungaree ! Super cute piece can . It has all the sweet stuffs printed on it

I also had 
my hair tied up into a simple ponytail that day because I felt that a ponytail would suit this outfit more ! Cheerful and casual :D Yes I know my shoes are to make me a LITTLE BIT taller , I'm short what ! So I need some height HAHAHHA a few CM added is like gold to me okay .

So , a little 
bit on the movie World War Z , it's crazy LOL . It's like thrillers ? Sending me chills down my spine constantly and keeping me excited & worried for the male lead (Brad Pitt) . And I also have to say the two girls that acted in it is mad chio wtf . Ang mohs always got nice features , I so envy lol .

 Something irrelevant , 
I hope I'm not the only one who keeps thinking that Brad Pitt in the show looks like Chris Hemsworth (The one who acted as Thor) ? They really look super alike !!! And for your reference : 

Chris Hemsworth on left and Brad Pitt on right

Okok wait , 
actually this two photos not alike enough . To make it more exact , when Chris Hemsworth had mustache , THEY LOOK MORE ALIKE . Chris Hemsworth with mustache : 

You dare tell me he doesn't look like Brad Pitt at all ?!
Then I started doubting myself , is it because I'm Chinese so when I look at them I think they look very similar ? Lol . Not to be racist but sometimes when we look at Bangala they look very much alike right ? And when other races look at us they sometimes think we all look the same ?

And even when
some ang mohs look at Chinese they would think all of us are Japanese lol . So it's not because I'm Chinese that's why I think they look the same right ? Please tell me you find that they look super alike as well . 

So anyway , 
World War Z was a really great show . Even though it didn't had a proper ending , I feel that it's very real in terms of how zombies and people would react and reflects humanity in it . Like how the part where zombies started climbing over each other without feeling pain , it's VERY REAL . If you don't get what I mean , refer to picture below : 

Yup .
After watching World War Z , 
we went over to opposite SCAPE to have Botak Jones !!!! Hehehe I said this a million times I super love and am craving for Botak Jones all the time ♥ !!!! And obviously I ordered Cajun Chicken with baked cheese potato and boiled sweet corn :D 

Botak Jones is a must have :D 
After having dinner , simple day like that just ended for us  ^^

But before
I end this blog post , I would let you have a good laugh at my failed ootd picture LOL :

Goodnight all ♥