Saturday, 20 July 2013

Work to Fun

Three days back on Thursday , 
I headed down to SCAPE's Mac for a meeting for the subsequent episodes for SGAG on JTV ! In case you don't know , you can refer to the blog post below where you can see the first Episode of SGAG ^^ !!! We actually filmed a few episodes before hand and it's all with my old ugly hair , don't judge :@ 

So here's my outfit to SCAPE that day

The meeting we
had was slightly different as this time there will be other artistes participating as well as new video-grapher introduced to us ^^ ! But it was a really quick meeting and yes we will be doing what you guys suggest ! So if you've seen the first episode of SGAG , suggest more of your favorite memes to us okay ! Tell us what you want to see (; 

And because
I'm pretty close to all of them , the meeting wasn't tense at all , very relaxing and carefree and I started taking photos and having a meeting with them at the same time LOOOOOOOOL . Blame it on Instagram ! My bangs had gotten so long I don't even know I should let it grow or back to bangs :@

The meeting ended
really quick , and being told before hand that I'll be doing a little filming that day , I got myself prepared and started to film around the Orchard area . Then later we had to go to AMK/Yishun area to film , in a car . LOL 

While preparing ~

Chrisline sitting at the front seat like a boss while they prepared the cameras and lighting hahaha

Quickly once filming is done ,
we later (because I'm personally friends with them also) decided to go over to Chrisline's place to lepak since we are just around the area ! And my outfit was actually meant for the filming and I brought casual clothes to change when we were done ! 

So in the end 
after all the filming , I just changed into casual clothes and slippers and instantly look like a void deck slacker HAHAHAHA . But before we head up to Chrisline's place , my video-grapher Hill , decided to play with her Camera and took photos of me hahaha . 

With Hill

LOL , yes I was posing in the lift ! We were too bored x:

I was so pleased when I saw this photo because from this angle my face looks so slim HAHAHHA

Over at Chrisline's place ,
 we were all complaining that we're hungry ! But I was the one who started it as I didn't even eat a single thing . I woke up and headed for the meeting straight LOL . So Chrisline's granny was so nice to cook us food ♥_♥ !!! I LOVE HOME COOKED FOOD . I hardly eat home cooked food as nobody cooks at home & I always eat outside food and I really prefer home cooked food ): 

 And the thing is , 
chop chop within a few minutes , Chrisline's Granny did all these : 

LOL , I really don't know
how she managed to do so many dishes within a while's time . One man show really ! So Chrisline , Hill , Kenni and I started digging in like we haven't had home cooked food in a million years hahaha . Super delicious ♥_♥ 

And guess what ? 
Few minutes later , I finished my bowl of rice and I'm ready for another bowl LOL . I was spotted by Hill and she took photos of me hahaha , evidence here : 

Yay second bowl ! I censored my face because I was looking really funny ok . Like thief trying to steal rice & by then I was already in my casual home clothes , as seen here .
And when I
was about to start my second bowl of rice , the ingredients was running out and Chrisline's Granny came into the kitchen and cooked more ingredients within minutes ! LOL power ok .  All of us just kept eating , and end results : 
HAHA I finished everything and Kenni was touching his belly

Super fulfilling day
and we had so much fun chatting at Chrisline's place and putting work aside . Can't wait to film tomorrow at SCAPE ^^ !