Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Part Time Job

Recently I just
decided to take up a part time job to pass time since working is always better than getting your time wasted at home right ? Besides taking up a part time job can let me earn some extra income instead of relying on my blog & filming ! And guess where I'm working at now ? It's Awfully Chocolate ! Hahaha but I really don't know whether I will stay there for long lol , it's really a lot of commitment & I probably can't commit when I still have filming to do . 

I just wanted 
a relaxing part time job , it doesn't matter if the job is like $5 per hour . But since I got into Awfully Chocolate after going for the interview , I thought I would just stay there for awhile and see how things goes ^^ ! But if I really can't commit , then I would probably leave lol . 

So yup , 
I went for the interview that day in a simple bun in the afternoon , it was so warm ! By the way , the way they interview people is in a really super unique style . Don't bother preparing like a compo of how experienced you are etc etc , they don't care about all those . I don't wanna be a spoiler and tell you exactly how it's like , but just in case you wish to work at Awfully Chocolate , be ready for a lot of commitment , it's not experience they care about . 

I didn't expect
how the interview would be like , especially when I had never really gone for a job interview before all my life , I didn't prepare anything at all . Awfully Chocolate has MANY people going there for interview every week , it maybe sort of hard to get in . But like I said , it is not experience they want , it's like the 'x-factor' LOL . Mysterious . But I got in somehow . 

That day after
a really 'fun' time with the people from Awfully Chocolate at their head office (I swear the interview is very enjoyable) , I thought I would just drop by my dad's place for dinner ! But when I reached his place , dad wasn't home yet , so I just started camwhoring while his girlfriend cooked for me LOOL . 

Even Instagram videos . 


Sad soul of a short girl . 

Yay I love knitted wears :D 
Please tell me  where I can get nice knitted tops okay , I would love you . 

Very soon , 
I went for Awfully Chocolate's so called 'training' BUT I WEAR IT ISN'T A TRAINING AT ALL . All I did that day at their restaurant is eat and play piping cream etc . We got to try ALL the desserts including main course for free lol . Prove ? Here it is : 

 Madness really . 
I had tried working there for a day and honestly it is very tiring . Maybe I'm just not used to working like that . But yup , if you're not ready to commit etc , don't work at Awfully Chocolate . Who knows maybe I would end up working there as a part timer for a really long time ? HAHAHHAA .