Saturday, 27 July 2013


Anyway just sharing
a very random quote (as seen above) with you guys . I don't know how many of you feel this way , but I definitely do . My dad indeed gave me the greatest gift , he believes in me like no one else . I don't know how long you have followed my blog , but those who have been reading since the past would know how amazing my dad is to me . Click HERE to see a blog post on how much my dad has done for me in life .

Dad did A LOT of things
for me . Pampered , dote , do anything he can for me as long as he can . It is just like how every parent is afraid of their child not studying , but for him , he believes and have faith in me and SUPPORTS me in what I want . My sisters are all university graduates , but I am not . I stopped studying to pursue my dreams , to blog , to film , to do what I want . 

I don't wanna regret . 
I don't wanna force myself into things that I know wouldn't blossom . I know my interest isn't there , it would just be a waste of time if I study isn't it ? Studying IS NOT everything . To me , it is like a back up plan , just in case you don't have anything , you have a cert . BUT , so what if you have a cert ? Do you know what you want in life like I do ? Not everyone knows what they want . 

I feel it is important to know what you want in life . 

My father , gave me everything he could willingly . 
 He supports me so much . He personally wants me to fight for my goals in life , he wants to be there for me and support me whenever he can whether financially or mentally . To him , studies isn't everything . It is knowing what you want in life  that is important . I may not be showing results now , but he doesn't think it's wrong . Everything starts small , he believes in me . Thank you Daddy .