Monday, 29 July 2013

A long day

Yeap as the
title suggests , I had a long day but at least it's a happy one ♥ ! Last week , I went film with JTV for the next few episodes of SGAG :D  ! Hahaha as you all know , the first and second episode of SGAG is out already !! Just in case you haven't watch the second episode of SGAG which I'm in it as well , here you go : 

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1.33 second , LOL @ my own face !!!!
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Anyway something random , I can never watch my own videos from a third party point of view , can you ? 

Hahaha kinda get the hang of 
what we are doing right ^^ ? Episodes were filmed before hand which is the reason why I look a little different from there . And yes I went to film another episode that day at SCAPE and here's my outfit :D 

Floral dress x Mint bag x Brown wedges

Didn't do anything to my hair
that day since it seems like it's a rare good hair day right !!! But here my makeup/look of the day : 

My eye makeup
probably doesn't have much of a difference in comparison to the usual ones even though I really did make a few changes . Slight changes though HAHAHA . I really do not dare to try out different eye makeups because I always fear to end up looking crappy !!! I really love the different kind of eye makeup that Youtubers create , but they are mostly angmohs and all have very nice eyes to begin with !!! But I would put in more effort in exploring makeup in the future so I can share with you guys :D

Selfies before starting to film :

that day's filming was really super fast and we filmed in shops of SCAPE as well ! Of course seeking permission from the shop owners and they all seem very willing and nice loh !!! ^^ And I was super lazy during break time , didn't bother getting meals/drinks for myself even though I was dehydrating and complaining to all of them (crew/friends) that I'm super thirsty .

So nice friends of mine , 
got drinks for me and even dabao back to SCAPE for me !!! So lucky hahahaha .
And because Chrisline was filming with us that day as well , I had much more fun compared to the usual times ! Hill , as the director had to keep reminding us to keep quiet and remain silent on set hahaha . But despite that , I did this to Chrisline LOL : 

 Chrisline super cute la when I press her cheeks !!
HAHHAHA I got my friend , Yan Yee to film this for me !! Yan Yee actually made a really really cute prop for me just for that particular episode , so stay tuned !!! When the episode is out , you would know what it is (; [Will update this blog post with a link to it]

 Was even happier because halfway
through the filming at about 3PM , Amanda (my bro's gf) came to look for me as my bro had activities going on at SCAPE as well & she tagged along . So coincidental !!!! Hence she came to look for me and I felt like I'm super blessed with all good friends and company around :D (But actual fact she ended up taking things for me when we were moving around for filming hahhahahaha #badluckamanda)
OH yes and if you wish to , 
I would like to show you a 10 second video of myself which was an NG bad take hahaha here you go : 

Can't wait for the actual video to be out !!!
But probably gonna wait for a long long time ): 
So back to that day , 
 just before filming was done , one of the crew somehow received a daisy and passed it to me because he knows for sure I'm gonna camwhore with it , and yes here it is LOL . Sibei sampat !!! HAHA

Posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook , seems like a lot of you either like this picture or the daisy hahaha . And P/S : Before my sister reminded me that this was a daisy on Insta , I still thought it was a sunflower . DON'T SAY YOU DIDN'T THINK IT WASN'T !

So why did I say
it was a long day when the filming ended so quickly ? Because I had activities on straight after that and COINCIDENTALLY AGAIN , my bro was actually heading to the same place as me after he's done with his stuffs at SCAPE !!!! 

Therefore after filming , 
I accompanied Amanda to have her "breakfast" and waited for my bro to be done with his stuffs and headed over to Yishun with them and my bro's friend !!! Why did we go Yishun ? Hahahha we actually went to watch Lion Dance ! It is a Lion Dance Competition that determines which Lion Dance troupe gets into the final competition at Taka/Ngee Ann City later this September . The competition at Taka happens every year & it is an extremely huge event for most people in the Lion Dance industry within Singapore . I'm sure most of you knows what I'm talking about !

My bro went down
because he wants to support his friend while I went because I wanted to show support to my boyfriend ! I didn't tell him so I could surprise him , but it seems like he wasn't very surprised after all LOL . And honestly , I felt very embarrassed the whole time there because everyone's dressing very casually while I'm stuck in wedges ??? Feel bimbotic except that I don't have big boobs .

I was so tired
throughout the competition but was really glad still because my boyfriend had gotten the 2nd place ! So proud of you boybie you're the best in my eyes , really . To me , he's the number 1 . Whether he is my boyfriend or not , he is still number 1 . (But who knows if I'm not his girlf maybe I would say he's lousy because I'm biased HAHAHHAHA) Pretty sure that I say he's good because he really is . But who knows maybe I'm blinded by biased-ness ? I wouldn't know . 

15 stunts , 9.29 points over 10 .

Anyway , 
click HERE if you want to watch how my boyfriend (the lion tail) & my bestie (the lion head) fair during the competition ^^ I am really really very proud of him . It may not be something to some of you , but it is REALLY something to me . I mean , someone learning lion dance from scratch (though I was never in that stage of his life to witness it) to what he is today , performing stunts etc , I see how much Lion Dance can mean to him as if it flows in his blood and I feel the pride in me to hold a hardworking person's hand , someone who had put in effort to achieve what he wants . It is something I admire , whether or not it is recognized by the public or the so called 'judges' though I feel that judges nowadays can be quite a fake label if they were never fair from the start .

To me , it is
hypocritical , sham & almost like a fraud if you don't stand up and be honest with what you believe in or honestly feel . And if you cannot be honest with yourself just because of benefits(maybe ?) you get or if you're afraid(possible ?) , then how can you be labelled as a judge ? A judge should be someone who is fair by putting personal issues aside while judging on an issue . If not , such person should deserve & not expect any respect from people around . Enough said , isn't it ?

Oh well ,
leaving all the above aside , that night , I had a very great night too !!! When we reached home , boyfriend , brother and I went to Hong Kong Cafe nearby our house to have supper :D

Brother must be using phone to stalk gf or something . LOL just kidding

Official favorite drink at Hong Kong Cafe ♥ Their Hot Soya is perfect !!!

Cute boyfriend ready to dig in hahahaha

Alright , that's about all
for today's blog post . Will blog tomorrow or the day after & will be announcing some good news soon ♥.♥ !!!