Monday, 5 August 2013

A little surprise !

Hi everyone !!!
 Hehe after I sort of graduated from Jteam , my group members (cool people who work so hard for all of us behind the scenes) decided to go have a celebration ! But before that , I received a call from Jteam's producer few days before the celebration to actually head down for a casting audition for an upcoming movie . So in the afternoon , I went & it was so fun because Shawn (producer) was there to accompany me !!! 

Super grateful
to have Shawn in my life lor , he help me with so many things during my days spent with Jteam and he is so funny hahaha . The audition happened quite some time back though but I just wanna say Shawn called me again one night . And here's how the conversation went : 
Shawn : Eh hello Chrysan ah ..
I'm sorry luh the audition ... really sorry luh 
Me : huh ? huh ? 
(in my mind thinking I most likely failed the audition if not why he keep apologizing about it ?!) 
Shawn : I'm sorry uh the audition .... YOU GOT THE ROLE !!!!
And my eyes instantly , 
O_______________________O , like u serious ? Love Shawn la ♥ !!!
 Okay I know it's not a big thing but I just 
want to share with my readers here in my blog , just like how I always did in the past no matter how small , big , stupid an issue can be ! That's how I gained readers in the first place isn't it ? Blogging about all sorts of silly experiences and writing every little detail down . 
 Ok back to topic !
So after audition that day , I went back home and must say that my journey back home was fucking dramatic and disastrous lor . Straight after my audition and a bit of chit chatting with Shawn , IT WAS RAINING LIKE MAD OUTSIDE and I had to like run to the nearest shelter which is actually super far and it's a bus stop . So ulu and don't have a taxi stand or anything like that , JUST A BUS STOP . 
I tried to get a cab 
and EVEN CALL A CAB but can't !!! And the buses at the bus stop were all numbers I don't recognize , I don't even know where it leads to (I hardly take buses more of MRT) . Then the rain keep pouring and stupid thunder shocked me a lot of times ! After a really long time , I thought no choice alr , so I just got on a random bus and alighted which is near a circle line MRT . God knows when I alighted , the rain is still bloody heavy and there was no way I can get to a taxi stand without a umbrella and the taxi stand was like 10 metres away from me only !!!! ): 
So many people 
having an umbrella but I just don't have one . At that moment I immediately told myself I MUST GO GET A CHIO UMBRELLA FOR MYSELF NEXT TIME . So I randomly took a bus again (a bus which goes to my house but takes a REALLY LONG TIME) . So I didn't plan to take it all the way to my house , but actually to a place where there is more decent shelter where I can get a cab . But after some time , the bus alr traveled to a place near my house and in the end I just bus all the way home lol . 
When I reached home , 
it was about 4plus in the afternoon and I was MAD HUNGRY . Decided to order Dominos Pizza with my boyfriend and god knows by the time pizza reach and done eating it was already 6plus in the evening and I am supposed to meet my group members from Jteam at 7PM at Cineleisure's KBOX FOR A FUCKING BUFFET !
Sibei suey , what's the point when I'm full from Pizzas alr and still have to go for buffet ): ? 

But when I reached
at 7plus at night , LOL I STARTED EATING AGAIN . Took so much food and keep eating crabs also lor !  I must say Kbox' buffet is actually really pretty good x: hehe . And out of no where , Hill took a photo of me eating while Chrisline and Yan Yee is singing ! (as seen below)

I'm like in the middle , totally bo chup just eat only

With Chrisline

Summer talking on the phone , Chrisline & Yan Yee hahaha so qt

Chrisline had Hill's scarf on her body because she was feeling cold , but after awhile I actually conquered the scarf because I was freezing !!!!!!!!

Kenni with his cheque from Jteam hahaha show off !!!! (No la kidding) hahaha . It was sad that our team's editor , Jason didn't come ! Super miss him and he's like the hero of our group . If it wasn't for his editing skills , our film wouldn't be so good either ! Not siao siao one hor , he was awarded with the best video editor by Jack Neo and even won a cheque from Jteam just like how Kenny and I won the best supporting actor and actress award ! ALSO , our team won the Best film award as well :D

And I must say ,
I was so annoyed during part of the Kbox session because all of the sudden , all the songs sang by Kenny are Jay Chou songs ! Not that I don't like Jay Chou , I DO . BUT , ALL SONGS FROM JAY CHOU ARE U LIKE MAD HAHAHHAA . 

Oops , me showing off also LOL . Once in awhile show off a bit don't so judgmental la ): hehe got a cheque issued by Jteam also because I won the best supporting actress from Jack Neo ! And because of him and his wife , we got to sing at Cineleisure's kbox till morning without paying any extra fees and we gotten extra drinks as well !!!! Somemore we had buffet also ! But None of us forked out a single penny because it was all 'free' as we paid the basic fee using the money we received from the Best Film Award x: HAHAHHA . But I must say thank you to Director Jack neo & his wife for us to enjoy such privilege !

It was such a
great great day , well spent with my best group ♥ 
We headed home at 2AM because we didn't intend to sing till morning from the start , and if we really sang till 6AM (though we were given the privilege) , it's really not nice either . I was so worn out and tired , and I totally got no voice after singing so much x_________x 

That's about it for today guys , 
love you all !!!