Tuesday, 13 August 2013

First day out with Hincky !

Was so god damn excited 
to blog about this !!! If you've followed me on other social network platforms like Facebook , Twitter or Instagram , you would've known that I've been flaunting my new Dr Martens Boots ! It's a limited edition series called 'Hincky' which is available in only pink and yellow . 

Mad cute to me lor !!!! I shipped this pair from the UK for about 260 SGD !!!

Overseas shipping is 
so fucking expensive , and it's not like I'm very rich so I only opt for normal delivery service , which is to arrive at my side only one month after I order ): ! But it came in one afternoon where I was lazing in bed with my boyfriend , and I wouldn't have opened the door to receive my parcel if my dog wasn't barking at the delivery man outside my house like mad ! 

So sometimes it's 
good for my dog to bark at strangers lolol . It came in earlier than expected , which was about 16 days ! Was so happy and then I kept thinking when would I ever wear these pair of boots out . 

I know my leg is so fucking skinny , don't judge !

And I must say I took quite 
some time and went through a bit of trouble to get these ...... almost all sizes for the Hincky series was sold out everywhere ! World wide or not , I don't know , but it seems like it is . And Dr Martens are not gonna manufacture these series anymore & I was sooooooo upset . But still manage to get one pair in the end , feel so lucky !!!!

Okay so back to
topic , I finally got a chance to wear my Hincky boots out with my family :D ! The other day , I met my family at the Marina Square to have dinner , sort of like a gathering before my brother enlists to army on 15th Aug , which is in 2 days time , I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S HAPPENING . I met them late , I slept till so late that night , so I only arrived at 8PM while my family already had so much fun since afternoon ! 

I didn't had time
to prepare , dress up or have good makeup that day . I was in such a rush and even booked a cab ! I didn't wanted my family to wait for me , especially when they've been waiting for me to wake up since afternoon x: So here's my casual outfit for that day to Marina Square ! 


I hastily tied my messy hair into a bun , throw on a loose top and did light makeup !

When I reached , 
my family were buying a new washing machine at gain city lol (it arrived and till now I do not know how to use it fml) . After that we went to Seoul Garden which was just opposite to have dinner yay
♥.♥ !!!!! And because I was so kiasu (they told us we're only left with 45mins to take the food after which they would close all the food counters) , so I took loads of food ! Super kiasu me lol . 

Blue arrow in picture is pointing to my dear bro who's heading into NS in 2 days time and the red arrows represent the amount of food I took in the first 2 minutes LOL . We separated tables , one for people who eat beef and one for those who don't . I'm on the table where I eat beef and it's almost empty when everyone sat down and I already took so much !!!

The thing is , 
I took so much thinking that I would eat a lot because I was already so hungry considering that I didn't eat anything at all . But I ended up eating the least ): . Now that I'm blogging , I'm feeling SUPER HUNGRY LOR . I didn't eat anything since morning , I need food . Now . 

LOL we ate until Seoul Garden
starts to close . After which , we started to camwhore . Girls , what do you expect ? Hehe 

My second sister , me & my niece .

Second sister and me

Daddy Lee and me ♥.♥ !!!!

Niece , me & second sister again hehe I think we are the only ones who kept taking photos there

Daddy's perfect ♥ Initially I used the regular iPhone camera to take pictures with him and halfway through he was like "ehhh use the whitening app !!!! Daddy very tan leh" After using the app HE recommended , which was to whiten , he was like "see ahhh , whiter already ! " he's so cute pls

And when he doesn't have his cap on , he would feel insecure hahahha

Me and second sister

Left to right : Second sister , me , niece and dad's girlfriend !

After dinner , 
dad and his girlfriend went back to their home , first sister and her boyfriend went back to their own home as well , while my bro and his girlfriend went back to our home . Niece went to find her boyfriend , my second sister went to find her boyfriend , and me ? I went to find my boyfriend at AMK Hub that day as well HAHAHAHA . 

On that day , 
my boyfriend actually had a lion dance competition at SCAPE , I don't know how many of you saw it but he & my bestie won first ! I couldn't go and watch because I had dinner then , but to make it up to him , I went to AMK Hub to find him hehe . (He was at AMK Hub because his troupe is based around that area)

He's the Lion tail while my 
bestie is the lion head . You can watch their performance here below :

How do you think
my boyfriend fair in this competition ^^ ? 

So anyway after meeting 
up with my boyfriend and his friend , Nicholas at AMK Hub , we actually headed off to his friend's chalet at East Coast !  I didn't want to go at first because I was looking so not presentable with the smell of hawker ? Lol and ok la I just really wanted to go home and I didn't liked going to chalets without being invited . I bet you guys know how it feels . 

We stayed at the
chalet for merely 10 minutes left with some of the friends there and decided to just chill at East Coast , at around 4plus in the morning , all of us left hahaha . It was really quite some fun !! However my boyfriend and I didn't sleep that morning though , we actually met another friend of ours and only slept that afternoon . That's about it ! Love you guys ♥ & please don't forget me .