Thursday, 12 September 2013


My sister shared a 
Chinese quote on twitter & I thought it was a great one .

 It says :
人与人之间,有兴致手拉手叫"激情"。这手一拉,能拉上十年叫"感情"。如果拉上二十年叫"亲情"。 可以拉上一辈子,就叫"爱情"

Okay , I'm not very
good at translating so I would just roughly translate a little . Pardon the lousy translation ! 

In English it roughly says :
 If you can hold a person's hand up to 10 years , it is 'Affection' . If you hold on to it for 20 years , it is 'kinship' . But if you can hold a pair of hands for the rest of your life , it is 'Love' .