Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Kbox at home !

About a week
back , I was so bored at home and my friend Alandrea decided to come look for me ^^ !! It was a great morning then , just lazing in bed , listening to birds chirp and the sounds of rain . It was so cozy ♥ !

I didn't had
to wait long till Alandrea reach & she even bought lunch over ! She knew I would be hungry like always hahaha . 

That's Alandrea sitting on my bed while my pup just sits below looking at her hahaha . We just randomly placed a pink mat there & had lunch ON BED LOOOL !

But guess what
we did the whole day ? We actually just stayed at my house the whole day till late evening singing songs LOL . My home TV was subscribed to a KBOX channel , and I had proper mics and speakers etc which is why we could have KBOX at home !!! 

Halfway during 
our KBOX session , my friend Summer who's working on set for a movie was having a break . So she stopped by my place to pass me mooncakes & chatted with Alandrea and I for super looooong ! I feel so lucky because she came just to ensure I'm okay after my breakup (which she heard on set) and she came straight . In the past , she even came over my place to take care of me when I was down with fever . 

Not long later , 
I received a call from Chrisline who's also working on a movie set . LOL she actually wanted to come over wtith Summer but she couldn't . We chatted on the phone for such a long time & was bitching crazily about somebody hahahahha . But I feel lucky & blessed to have them really

At about night time 
after Summer left my place , Alandrea and I met up with my dad at Commonwealth and had dinner together ^^ ! 

 Dinner was super fucking awesome
and Alandrea ate so much lor ! Hahaha . That's about all that day . 

Reached home & had
a great sleep tonight . All videos are from my Instagram and I know many of you thinks my hello kitty light looks like it's pointing middle finger hahahah . Hopefully I can blog one more post by tonight !