Monday, 7 October 2013

The Relative's Chalet

Here's a quick morning blog post ! 
Headed down to my relative's chalet with my family & here's my outfit and hairdo that day :

I was actually
in a rush for preparing as I was the last one to wake up and I just casually mix and match clothes around & came out with that outfit . When I was done & taking a picture of my outfit , we were actually late already LOL . My eldest sister picked us up and we managed to reach our relative's chalet on time ! 

 Video taken from my Instagram @ChrysanLee . 
My hair was all messed up ! That's my bro , and sitting beside him is my bro's girlfriend , Amanda .

Second sister took this photo , my tiny face was cut off at the left side of this photo T^T

Quick selfie at the chalet ~

Honestly , 
every single time I head down to a chalet , I only look forward to eating HAHAHHA . 

Wanted to upload
a really funny video but just can't seem to upload still :@ ! Will keep trying ! 
Have a great morning guys ♥ !!!