Friday, 6 September 2013


A random thought popped 
up in my mind & I thought I would just share how I feel . I originally wrote this in Chinese on my twitter , but I roughly translated it in English for those who can't read or understand Chinese . 

 Many people always misunderstood that to save your own pride , you have to be able to afford & accept consequences or whatever happens of what you've created on your own . But I later on realized that , it isn't . I realized that it is actually for us to feel happier , to learn how to be less harsh on ourselves . If we really forgave & accept because of our own pride , because we didn't wanted to be called 'petty' or 'childish' as we couldn't accept facts , isn't it as good as adding another form of unhappiness since we're not doing it willingly based on how we truly feel ?

I guess this is always a part of life's learning journey . You may be able to read a sentence , but you would never be able to understand the meaning behind it till you learn .