Friday, 6 September 2013

The first time

HAHAHA seriously , 
why does the title of this blog post sounds so wrong ?! Okay anyway I just got back home from lunch at Tampines & collecting stuffs from Bedok when I live around commonwealth !!! Super exhausted especially when I didn't sleep the whole of yesterday when I woke up , till today ! More than 24 hours already actually , but I didn't noticed . 

But since I'm
still stubborn & refusing to sleep , I thought I would just blog about my first time being on a movie set ! I think I will just K.O after I blog lor . So quite some time back , if you've followed me on Insta , you would've known I headed to Simei ITE for a bit of filming there . It was on a Saturday if I'm not wrong , the whole school is empty !

The day before 
filming , Jocelyn called me to talk about it & since she had to go down to the movie set on the same day as me , I thought she should just have a stay over at my place and head down to Simei ITE together ! And we really didddddddddddddd . So before heading over to my place for a good night rest , we had supper at HK Cafe and made an Insta video ! : 

And with very obvious reasons 
why I'm not in this video is because I have no makeup on , obviously I don't wanna get become someone's nightmare after they view my insta video of me without makeup , so I was nice enough not to appear in this one . HAHAHA nonsense me .

After a super full
supper , we headed back to my place and at first , intending to sleep , but after hours of chatting & me waiting for my hair to dry & shit , we realized we didn't have time to sleep anymore -_________- We had to start preparing at 6plus because we had to reach Simei ITE at 7.30AM !! Moreover it's not like I live super near ): 

So anyway , 
here's my outfit on that day : 

Batman pullover , bandage skirt , transparent platforms

Ignore the date on this picture , I edited this picture 2 days ago & didn't notice lol

Eye & lip makeup of the day : 

Decided to opt for a less harsh look that day with lighter shade of lips ! ^^

So Jocelyn & I 
are sort of still in a rush even though we had the 'whole night' to prepare ourselves , but we decided to book a cab . What else can girls do in the cab ? Yes , you guessed it right , photo taking time ! 

Jocelyn & I ~

But halfway through the trip ,
 I ask the uncle , "reaching alr not ?" he said yes , and asked "Bishan ITE right ?" My face and mind went blank for a moment and wtf lol how did he think that we are going to Bishan ITE when we said Simei ITE sooooooo many times ! 

But never mind that , 
Jocelyn and I predicted that we're really gonna be late . And then the cab uncle started speeding like mad for us (not good but good) , and we reached at 7.31AM one minute late only LOL . And then that's where I see there were vans and vans of filming equipments with many behind-the-scenes-crews helping out and preparing . 

We took our seats 
where the rests of the artists are , apparently I didn't know that Aloysius Pang was just sitting opposite me & I told him I didn't want to shake his hand when he offered because my hands were cold . Yea , my hands were really cold !! I didn't want to freak him out with my ultra cold hands when I just got off a cab . (stupid girl is me) But I swear he got so mruch perfect features especially his nose lor ! Super super sharp !!! In case you don't know who is Aloysius Pang , go google him lol .

Aloysius Pang cameo in my picture hahahaha . Sitting opposite her is also a new friend I made that day , she's from Korea super tall and cutsey !!!
Been offered breakfasts , everyone is eating and reading their scripts at the same time . And I'm like so free . I would be happier if I'm busier , so that would mean I'm somebody important ma ! HAHAHA

Once everything
was almost ready and set up by the crews , the casting director , Ricia who's a super nice lady ♥ lead us to the location where all of us would be resting in etc . Like I said , I'm only a VERY VERY small role inside so it's nothing !!!! But they still strapped a small mic on my waist and wired all the way to my chest area so my voice can be received . Of course on screen , you wouldn't be able to see it ! They also use tape to stick my necklace to my skin just my necklace would not make any noise that my mic would pick up if I moved ! 

I didn't know 
there were so much that was needed to do while filming . Sound very suaku lor me . I've only did Youtube videos for others , but not this professional yet . So when people come strapping mic on me , doing markings on where I should stand , waxing my hair etc , it's all new and an eye opening experience to me ! Even though I'm not a big part to this movie , but definitely had a lot of fun ^^ 

I admire the crews
who work behind the scenes sooooooo much . You really wouldn't know how tough their job is if you didn't witness it . What's more , so many strangers trying to work well together really isn't easy . What's more , they are all very professional ! But thank goodness before that , I already knew Shawn & Kenny who's working there & kept me entertained in between scenes and asking me to jiayou ♥ 

To be honest , 
we also had a lot of breaks in between and it isn't of fix timing because sometimes we have breaks because the crews are busy setting up another scene for us in another location which requires time . So people like us use the time as breaks . But I'm definitely wouldn't be as tired as actors like Zhou Chong Qing who's around that day as well . 

So me & Jocelyn 
would be there in our resting room like ............... 

yea take photos . You must have guessed it again . We also did videos out of boredom with Shawn , Shaun , Jianhao , Peishi , Aloysius etc but it's all in Jocelyn's computer which I don't have ! So yeap ~

Left to Right : Me , Jocelyn , Yuna

My new twitter twitcon ^^

This is Shaun , whom I've worked with together for SLF TV .

This one during one of our breaks after dinner where it's already evening and I was super tired !!!

Alright sooooooooooo , 
the whole day was just taking photos , taking little naps , eating , filming and changing into different clothes & going to different locations within Simei ITE . And allowing crews to restrap mics to my body in a way where people wouldn't see etc . When or what the movie it is , I will not say . Because ......... I mean I also not the lead ! For what I say right :@ ! So hehe that's all guyssssssssssssss , super tired today really , thank you for being here in my space , goodnight in advance !