Sunday, 8 September 2013


Totally craving
for salmon sashimi right now at 11+ in the morning & the worst thing is , I can't seem to fall back asleep again ! I complained on twitter last night at 2+ AM in the middle of the night where I just randomly woke up & till now , I still can't sleep . I am tired , BUT CAN'T SLEEP . Is this fucking insomnia ? LOL

Okay so anyway ,
like I said I'm craving for salmon sashimi ! Which reminds me that I actually did not long back with my friend at Itacho Sushi Restaurant , so I thought I would just do a small blog post about it with a few casual pictures ^^

My friend & I
headed to Plaza Sing the other day for dinner & here's my outfit for that night :

Picture taken from my Instagram . Sparkle cap , Geek maroon pullover , black high waist shorts . Casual ^^

And I've to say that I bought the sparkle cap ages ago & didn't had the chance to wear it at all ! I happily took photos with it & left my house without it that night like wtf LOL

By the time
my friend & I reached there , it was pretty late & we had a tough time wondering what to have for dinner ! Walked pass Itacho Sushi and thought & said to each other , "do you eat sushi ?" . He was like yes and I'm like omfg okay let's have sushi ! Speaking of it makes me drool now already ):

We got our seats
in Itacho Sushi Restaurant and it was the kind where we sit side by side & both of us facing the chefs do the sushi LOL so cool , but beside us were strangers eating sushi so ...... yeap . But it wasn't bad ! For drinks , I ordered hot green tea which is what I ALWAYS order when I have sushi . I wouldn't be drinking anything else ! I find it perfect to be sipping on hot tea right after I have sashimi like super shiok , you should try ! *I actually super hate the usual green tea that people drink , I only drink Japanese hot green tea*

Another fact
about me eating in a Japanese restaurant is that , I don't usually order their main courses like for example , the chicken set . The kind with rice , udon or cold soba . I don't really like eating all of that . So what I usually do , is to keep ordering plates and plates of sushi to fill my tummy up !!! Seeing empty plates piling up while you eat can be quite a satisfying feeling really ! 

So my friend & I
started ordering sushi for ourselves by writing the order no. of each delicacy on paper with pencil which was available right in front of us . I didn't take much photos of our food , but here are some !

I swear the one on the right tastes super heavenly !!!! It's topped with cheese , mayo & fried shrimps !
 P/S : If you do not eat fried shrimps , 
you can just shake it off the sushi because it's not like stuck there with the cheese or what . Which was what I did , but I still decided to try with a bit of shrimps , and to my surprise , it's extremely good with it . Must try ! 

For the one on the left with smoked salmon , I did not try .
It's weird like how I eat both cooked and raw salmon but I just particularly dislike smoked salmon after having it once at a Chinese restaurant . Ever since then , I don't eat smoked salmon anymore . First & last time LOL . Maybe one day , I will give it a try again ! And I don't eat the 'eggs' on it either ! Used to eat it when I was younger (secondary school days) , but not anymore . Don't know why ): 

Crab meat & salmon sushi  ♥_

Notice that there
aren't pictures of salmon sashimi when it's my favorite ? I realized I can take pictures of food most of the time but whenever it comes to my favorite dish , I didn't . Because I wouldn't even wait or allow myself to have time to take photos of it , it's like I just wanna put it in my mouth that instant that I practically forget about taking pictures hahaha . Or I won't wish to 'waste time' on taking pictures even though it's just a few seconds . Good food can't wait ! 

While my friend & I
had a few dishes , I was flipping through the menu for more , and stopped at the page where it featured RAW PRAWN . I asked him , "you dare to eat raw prawn or not ?" and he just cool-y answered , "why not ? As long as it's food , it's okay , I will try" . And my eyes instantly went huge like serious ?! So somebody's willing to try & I've never seen someone so cool about eating raw prawn like this lol .

After tasting , 
he said it was alright , in fact quite nice . The down side to it is that , there's wasabi in it which he doesn't like . I didn't try though !

After all the sushi-eating ,
we ordered Edamame as a snack after that ! Edamame is one of my favorite snacks to order from a Japanese restaurant either before or after eating . I sometimes even order at cinemas & snack on them during the movies depending on whether the cinema you go sells Edamame . Just in case you don't know how it looks like & what is it , it looks like this :

Picture grabbed from Google . Edamame are boiled & cooked peas served sprinkled with fine salt ! Peas in generally just sounds disgusting but Edamame tastes really good in Japanese restaurants !!

Basically we
just spent the whole day chit chatting and going to different places and unknowingly sourced for spots which are good for long peaceful 'heart to heart' (wa so long never use this term) talks . And approximately later than midnight , we headed to a market which sells this ! :

It's like a pancake !
This thing tastes 
freaking good . It's like pancake , waffle - like ? You get what I mean , the waffle based kind of base lol . It is just simply topped with eggs & hams on top with super soft pancake base which gives off light waffle fragrance ! OH YA AND CHEESE !!! Not to mention , the circumference of it , as you can see , is super crusty ! I swear this would taste good when served hot . I don't really know which market this is , but if I do recall , I will update this blog post , or if you know , do comment at my ask.fm ! Great snack and if I'm not wrong , it's less than two bucks . MAX ah also $2.99 only . 

Alright , 
that's about allllllllllllll . Really craving for salmon sashimi now & needs sleep ): 
Great day ahead you sweeties ♥ !