Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Had dinner with
family the other day after my brother's first book out ! Before that , my sister was having so much troubles about where to have dinner at ! Because if you noticed , we ALWAYS have our family dinners at Vivo City restaurants & it's getting really boring ): So I suggested to try something different & the job of sourcing locations for dining were given to me ! 


Through an online 
review , I decided to try out Delicious Cafe @ Scotts Square . But I swear my experience at Delicious Cafe sucked . Okay , for a cafe to name themselves Delicious cafe is a very big & daring move already . You make sure your food is good enough to be called that , it's a bold comment that people value . Before I started ranting on this blog post , let me start off with what I wore that day ! Or if you don't like what I said , exit NOW :@

Because I wasn't
having a very good day already , I decided to just wear something casual to town which is what dad bought for me the other day : 

Love this oversized NY tee ! It's so comfy & gives off a casual feeling which I really like . Matched it with a skin fitting blue high waist shorts inside which can't be seen lol . Never wore that pair of shorts ever since I bought it from BSF 2013 !

 I tied my hair
into a neat pony tail & pinned my bangs up because I was having a bad hair day also :@ 
But never mind because I guess it's an excuse to look fresh looking to match this top also hahahaha lol nonsense me ! 

Okay so anyway , 
after all of us reached Delicious Cafe & ordered their food , it took like a fucking million years for their food to arrive k ? It's so darn long I don't even know what the chefs are doing . Okay , that's not a problem actually because good food are worth the wait . BUT FUCK NO THEIR FOOD SUCKS OK ? Plus , I reallyyyyyyyyyyyy don't know what are their waitresses doing .

Seriously ? 
It's like there are SO MANY waitresses and every time we call them they signal us to wait and wait and wait while they're laughing and chatting with each other . Boss , what are you doing to hire waitresses like this . Y'know , my family don't mind paying $$$ to get good service but for something like that ........................ *rolls eyes* It irks me every time I have to type out their restaurant name which is so untrue I can't even . 

BUT , I have to say
that their restaurant really have great ambiance which sadly my sister's bf didn't like it . 

And did I mention
they actually missed out my order & then later on told me that it would be served within 5 mins after they found out ? Good job on trying to make me happy as they said it would be served within 5 mins BUT turns out I waited for like 20mins and it's still not fucking up yet . It's really so hard to get the waitresses attention when you want to order or have queries because they typically don't give a fuck , they can't serve for fuck sake . lol 

My dear brother
actually waited for my dish to be served then eat his , super touched la thank you bro ♥.♥ !!!

Btw , we weren't the only ones
complaining that the fish n chips fishes aren't cooked with thick flour within which wasn't cooked as well k ? So it's not like I'm judging them based on what I had only . I'm not the only one what . I know I was already in a not so good mood that day but it's true that their service really sucks like shit . 

And FINALLY , mine arrived : 

Description of the dish , 
was to be in rich tomato base . And when I tasted it ........... where da fuck is the taste of tomato ? That's okay though , then why your menu must say RICH tomato base ? Can tell me why ? Lol 

And after a few mouths , 
I stopped eating . End results : 

I swear I didn't eat 
any other main course after that . Why would I want my dad to spend more money on a restaurant which aren't worthy ? Walao if it's not for me for trying out this restaurant , we would still be enjoying restaurants in Vivo instead or the usual Earle Swensens . But this cafe really horrible lol . 

Sorry if it made
all of you feel so unhappy reading this blog post but whoa so pissed by the service & food lor (*$(#*&*&@0@98 !!!!! And because can't eat & nothing to do , decided to make an insta video which all of you have seen ^^ !!! :

HAHAHHA LOL @ my niece who sucked up the strand of noodle hahahahha & my dad's step stunt face . 

Okay ending this blog post
with a funny picture I saw off Facebook HAHAHA : 

Hahaha goodnight guys ♥