Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Insidious 2

Watched Insidious 2 ?
 Aargh I wished I didn't ! People have been asking me to go catch Insidious 2 with them but I kept rejecting because seriously , I'm not the kind of person who can watch horror movies AT ALL . I would just be sooooooo freaked out ! I'm not the kind that screams and shouts or whatsoever , but I would get really tensed up & easily shocked & shaken . 

To summarize things up ,
I'm just a timid rat la . Cannot watch means cannot watch . And not long back , I thought it would be okay to catch Insidious 2 with my friend , Nicholas at Bugis + Film Garde . Whoa , big mistake ! Not that it's a mistake to be out with him , but a real big mistake to watch a horror show ): 

To start off
this blog post , here's my look & outfit for that day to Bugis ! 
WARNING : I spammed this blog post with tons of selfies hahahha so if you can't take it , go away now now now :@ If not , keep scrolling ok ? HAHAHHA .

Usual makeup , nothing different . Except shorter hair ):

Outfit that day : pullover x skater skirt x floral boots x cap


Extremely detailed 
on the outfits , but actual fact , I'm just being narcissist as usual HAHHA . Once Nicholas & I met up at Bugis , we headed over to Bugis + to book our tickets & headed for lunch at Astons ! It was kinda rush as the movie was starting in about 50mins time if I'm not wrong . I thought I could make it on time , but not really since I'm a slow eater LOL . Burden .

This is Nicholas . You probably had read about him in my previous posts where Amanda & I went down for his birthday chalet :D

The only thing I know how to order at Astons for drinks is always root beer float , always !

Nicholas' ^^

As usual , I always ordered the Hickory Chicken set . Come to think of it , I've never ordered anything else from Astons besides Hickory chicken & root beer float LOL . Just that I had fries this time but usually the boiled corn .

After having our
super hilarious talk over lunch , we headed out for a quick smoke before rushing for our movie & collecting our drink & popcorn ! Which when we reached , we were late by only a few minutes . To be honest , the moment I went inside the cinemas , I was already soooo nervous . Aargh now , can you imagine how timid I am already ?!

I got shocked merely
a few times at the start by sound effects and you know what ? I DECIDED NOT TO WATCH IT ANYMORE . TOO SCARED , TOO TIMID . LOL . I really deserve it sia . I mean , knowing that I can't watch horror shows , I still so stubborn go and watch , I can only call myself stupid HAHAHA . 

Throughout the entire
fucking movie , all I did was literally putting my face into the popcorn box , serious . I just kept eating the popcorn & when it finished , I just keep looking at the inside of the box as if there's gold or something lolol . I had never finished an entire box of popcorn in a cinema before and this was the first time . Even though I must say that Nicholas did ate some of it , but I dare say I finished like 85% of it . 

Yes , I was like this all the fucking time when I watch the movie .

I was too scared , 
that besides eating popcorn , there was nothing else I can do wtf . I had wild thoughts like what if something suddenly grab my legs from the seats below . And and what if Parker Crane suddenly appears in the cinema & people thinks it's a prank when it's actually real ?! AARGH , had thoughts like this but didn't tell Nicholas because I was afraid of being judged HAHAHHA . I mean , already super throw face already , still wanna throw somemore meh ? 

In case you do not know ,
Parker Crane is the bad dude inside the show Insidious 2 and continues to kill , taking lives even after he dies . To let you guys know something even more embarrassing , like I said my eyes weren't on the screen but on the popcorn already . However , I still got shocked several times just by listening to the sound effects . SICK !

And when the show ended , 
I was so relieved . It's like I'm curious of the story plot and afraid at the same time , damn qian bian lor ! (Qian Bian meaning somebody who really deserves and needs a spanking LOL) . After the movie , this aunty who watched the show alone came out as well kept looking at me smiling with a evil-face constantly . I FREAKED OUT AND WALKED SUPER FAST LOL . 

Her face was like this : 

Scary enough for a timid person like me . 

Anyway , after
the movie , Nicholas & I just sat down , talked about anything random & took so much photos ! 

LOL this was a candid shot . I was supposed to take this with Nicholas & then suddenly he went out of frame hahahha

And then I started shifting my fringe aside to reveal my eyebrows because I just can't stand how thick Nicholas' eyebrows are !

Hahaha yup that's about all that day ! 
Ending this blog post with memes that I can relate to when I watch horror movies :D

When you're watching a horror show & a sound can just freak you out HAHHAA

It's always like that . Where people in horror movies always does something stupid where they could actually be saved .

This always happens to me LOL especially when I can't sleep ! ):

Last but not least , 
running straight into your room and curl up under your blanket after switching off the lights HAHAHA . Have a great day guys :D