Monday, 21 October 2013

POP lo !

It feels just 
like yesterday where my brother just enlist into army . But not long ago , 
it was his BMT parade at The Float @ Marina Bay . Is that also known as POP (Passing Out Parade) ? Hahaha I'm really sorry if there's anything wrong that I've mentioned in this blog post about army as I really know little . 

I woke up really early 
that day to head down to my bro's BMT parade & I was sooooooooo excited to see him as it's been about a week since I last saw him as he had field camp . For me to only see him 2 days a week is actually already very torturous as I'm really close to my brother like an overly attached sister HAHAHHA . So when he was away a week for field camp , I missed him so much . 

But little do I know when
I reached the BMT parade seeing our fellow Singaporean men there really makes me feel extremely emotional ........ Will explain more at the back (: 

Starting from that morning , 
my bro's girlfriend & I woke up at 4.30AM to prepare when we slept only around 2 plus and she probably slept later ! And also we even went out the day before (refer to previous post) , madness ! Once my second sister , Amanda & I are done preparing , my eldest sister came to fetch us & then fetch our father at his place ^^ 

Selfie LOL

This is what we girls
do . Camwhore in the car HAHAHHA
Amanda & I

Second sister ♥ , Amanda & obviously yours truly hahahha

Very soon , 
we reached & I saw all the army boys and no offense there was this really strong smell that wasn't that pleasant la ............ Can't blame all the army boys for being smelly because they went for field camp , suffering in the wild , sleepless night the day before etc . But I am , truly , very very proud of all of them :D 

At first , I still
thought all of us were early (WE ARE EARLY ACTUALLY) but then wtf there are already SOOOO many people there & we had to sit all the way at the back ): But anyway we did an instavideo below :D

The moment I saw 
the army boys march out , I felt so proud of all them & so emotional . Even though some of them may not wish to be there , at least , they're there , they didn't just run away from it . And the thought of them being at war for all of us , for Singapore , it's just something I really can't describe . Can you imagine if any of them sacrifice themselves just to protect the country even though they don't wish to ? I feel so proud of them , Singapore trained them to be soldiers , to be men who are capable of protecting the country , those who went through tough times for the country . I really respect all the men who gone through army .

The blue arrow represents where my brother is HAHAHHA

Sorry bro you didn't caught you in frame ):

I already tried to super zoom in to my bro's face HAHAHHAHA

My bro really perspire a lot LOL . From far , I saw so many people but my bro's uniform is especially darker in color and later on realized it's because his uniform was literally soaked in his sweat HAHA

HAHAHHA when they screamed 'roar'

Again  , blue arrow represents were my brother is .

After the parade , 
we are allowed to go on the platform to look for my brother but I swear while making my way to the platform from the sitting area was making me so pissed ! IT'S AS IF THE CROWD ISN'T MOVING AT ALL . I couldn't wait to see my brother already and nobody is moving and blocking my way I'm like aaaarghhhhhhhhhh so angry :@ :@ :@ :@ 

But finally I found 
my brother ! And he even said he actually still thought nobody came ..... But we did :D My brother could stay with us for a week before he goes back to camp . One week of suffering , one week of enjoying ^^

Bro and his girlfriend Amanda ^^

Daddy Lee & bro

Second sister and bro

Finally with my precious bro ♥ Thank you for always being here for me x

With the family ♥ ! The people who will never ever leave me alone . The people whom I love with all my heart always ♥ Beside me is my eldest sister which I now then realize she didn't take a solo pic with my bro LOL

Bro with his platoon sergeant & his camp mate .

After giving our
hugs and a little bit of talking , we left The Float & decided to go for breakfast ! And the nearest ? Of course the marina square mall which is FLOODED WITH SO MANY PEOPLE ! It's so hard to find a restaurant or anything to settle down for breakfast as really , no seats & everywhere flooded with people .

Finally , we
decided to queue for Swensens breakfast ^^ But was so pissed because we waited for 2 hours for our breakfast to come when we are already seated . People are already receiving their lunch menu & food and our breakfast still aren't here -__________- 

Ordered myself Hot Milk

Omelet for breakfast !



Both second sis & bro ordered this :D

Daddy Lee

Hahahaha alright , 
that's about all ! I actually have so many videos to share nowadays but somehow I just can't upload it to blogger ! Really frustrated , solutions anyone ): ? It always tells me error ! So if you do have a solution to it , do let me know ^^ 

Goodnight ♥ !