Friday, 18 October 2013



Every single time I go into a salon , 
I emphasize a lot to the hairstylist not to cut so much of my hair & I'm always envied for my long hair (AYEEE ? HAHAHHA show off yes show off a bit . KIDDING LA) . But just few days ago , I had a sudden urge to snip off my hair & I did ! 

Few days back , 
I headed down to Bugis with Amanda to buy some of the things she wants but somehow I sort of bought more things than her when I entered BHG which is having sales ! But before anything , I took an insta video of myself before heading out of house . My dog barked suddenly halfway through , be mentally prepared hahaha here it is :

And here's my outfit for that day :

I tried a new
eye makeup that day though . Doesn't differ much from the usual ones but still hahaha . So here's my eye makeup for that day : 

After we're done
with the mini shopping at Bugis around late afternoon , we cabbed over to Far East Plaza where Amanda wants to get her hair dyed . NOW , that's when I felt the urge to really just cut my hair . Whenever I have my haircut , the difference is almost always nothing . It's always the color that changes . (You can refer to old blog posts for my old hairstyles) . Never once in my life in recent years did I have a significant change in hair length . 

But on that day , I DID IT . 
16CM worth of my hair (6.5INCH) WAS GONE . My hairstylist measured it for me LOL . 16CM can you believe it . I know it may not mean a lot to you guys but it's so fucking something to me !!!! I felt so crazy and sort of regretted immediately after that . Buuuuuuuuuuuuut , for these few days many people told me it's nicer which makes me feel happier now too ^^ 

It's nice to have lighter
hair though . Cause when I tie my hair into a ponytail , it's so so so much easier :D Here's a before and after photo of my hair length :

And below
is a disgusting amount of my hair LOL :

After getting
both our hair done , we had dinner at Far East Plaza before heading home . I still can't decide on what color to have next . Black , maybe ? HAHAHHA . Big difference from the past , I know . 

Ending this blog post
with my selfies after getting my hair cut below !! Have a great day guys ♥ I've been so productive lately on blogging HAHAHAHA . There's still blog posts below so read it up if you want to ! ^^