Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wear a Maxi

It's been quite
some time since I last headed out to town for a walk . And there was this day where I was already about to sleep IN THE MORNING & then suddenly Alandrea called me , after contemplating for a loooooooooong time , I decided okay , I'm gonna give up my sleep & head to town for a walk with Alandrea ♥ ! 

Y'know what they always say , cabby is the one stop camwhore booth for girls LOL

Before heading out
to meet Alandrea at SCAPE , I was in a complete dilemma on what to wear ! Considering that it's been quite some time since I head out plus ........ I feel that my wardrobe has been a disaster ! And then I randomly picked out a maxi dress which I've never worn before & a crazy thought just flashed through my mind that I should wear this . A MAXI DRESS .

Why is it so shocking for me to be wearing a maxi ?
I'M SHORT . DUH . I don't have a perfect woman's figure , super ultra short like about 148CM LOLOL ?? So wearing a maxi for me have always been a big no no even though I love love love maxi dresses so much (':

But this crazy
idea flashed through & I thought okay I should just wear it out since nobody would be looking I guess ? And yes I did . Now tell me , who says I can't wear maxi dresses now HAHAHHAHA . Okay la let me thick skin a bit okay ?! But here's my outfit to town that day :

Standard strapped bareback maxi dress x Pastel green bag x Black Heels x Bracelets x Dreamcatcher Necklace (sponsored)

And for some
reason I just felt that I should just tie all my hair up . Does it suit the outfit better ?

Aargh I'm skinny as fuck I know !

I love this sponsored Dreamcatcher necklace from SolitaryRide though ! They sponsored me this necklace long time ago along with other products but this is my favorite amongst all ! Glad that I chose the brown over the black one :D

HA HA HA CANDID SHOT OF  ME TAKEN BY ALANDREA . Super funny please like seriously what was I thinking when I jumped ??? HAHAHA . Confirm saw some handsome boy la . LOL kidding .

Before heading out
I actually told Alandrea I will be wearing a maxi & she told me she would join me too HAHAH . So here's her outfit that day with me :

Alandrea & I
pretty much spent the first 30 minutes of our meeting taking pictures ! Actually it's just me who keep wanting her to take pictures for my ootd which I always post on Instagram without fail when I head out HAHHA . And then it was so contagious that Alandrea starting taking pictures again LOL .

LOL me photo bombing Alandrea at the back HAHAHHAHA

When we reached SCAPE , 
we straight away headed over to Cineleisure's Hong Kong Cafe for lunch ! However only Alandrea ate though as I wasn't feeling hungry yet . I still remembered she ordered some sort of maggie mee there LOL . Everyone says that it's stupid to be ordering 'maggie mee' over at Hong Kong Cafe but sometimes it's really too irresistible !!! 

I can't say our day have
been very interesting , but it wasn't boring either . Because Alandrea & I can just sit down and do nothing & we would be talking noooooooon stop LOL . The next thing we did after having lunch at HK Cafe was actually sitting down nearby Cineleisure & we started using our ask.fm HAHAHAHA . 

At that point of time
it seems like some people saw us over at town & have been spamming our ask.fm which I find rather interesting to always be communicating with you guys even though I don't know you guys personally . But all very friendly people ♥___♥ ! 

Alandrea just
waited for me to be done using my ask.fm and we headed over to Takashimaya initially to actually do some window shopping . But it turns out my stomach was growling and I really had to settle down somewhere quick to fill my starving stomach hahahah . It was evening by then , dinner time . But it was actually my breakfast , lunch and dinner since I didn't have anything before that .  

If you've followed
me on Instagram , you would've known that I always love taking instavideos ! Above is a instavideo taken when I was having my dinner with Alandrea :D We actually also took a separate video which is extremely ridiculous but I just can't upload it up to Blogger :@ !!! Still trying to upload it , if you refreshed & the other video is here means I've successfully uploaded it , if not , too bad ):

After having dinner ,
Alandrea headed over to my place because I was already extremely exhausted . But we ended up singing KBOX at my place again HAHAHA . And had a really long heart to heart talk like none other . That's all that day , really simple kind of day but I feel very happy to spend my day just like this ^^ 

Anyway , I'm going to Space Invasion
at The Cathay (dhoby) later on at 3PM for an assignment ! So happy that they invited me over ♥ Been there once for their VIP launch with bloggers like Tigerlily & Qiuqiu , everyone else was so friendly ! If you happen to be at The Cathay , do visit Space Invasion at #03-15/16 :D