Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nic's Chalet !

Not long back
this month , both Amanda & I headed down to our friend's advance birthday chalet at the Treehouse Villas at Changi ! Amanda stayed over at my house the night before heading over & we woke up only at night LOL . By the time we woke up , we rushed for the MRT . 

The thing is , 
I later on realized I DID NOT BRING MY PHONE OUT ONLY A FEW STOPS AFTER BOARDING THE MRT WTF . LOL . I'm super careless lor . I brought my charger , my earpieces , but not my phone -______- And then we took a cab back home , took my phone and cabbed down to the Chalet instead . When we were on cab , there was massive traffic jam which lasted for a really long time I'm like wtf what's the purpose of cabbing ):

Anyway two days
before heading down the chalet , I also happen to get my nails done with Alandrea at Town ^^ !

Did all my nails in pastel turquoise & my middle finger in pastel orange . Now , read the orange finger . LOL kidding !!!

So when I reached , 
the entire chalet is freezing ! And I still wore clothes that are casual as I thought most chalets are always very warm HAHHAHA . But nice birthday boy , Nicholas actually lend me his shirt to wear over my original outfit ^^ (Which explains why later on all my photos in this blog post is me in an extremely over sized tee . It belongs to Nic)

The birthday boy & I hahaha . The cap doesn't belong to me either . I was wearing a cap of a person whom I do not even know LOL .


Birthday boy Nicholas & his friend Desmund !

LOL . I guess not only girls does this stuff when we camwhore isn't it ?

Amanda's hand photo bombing :@ 

HAHAHHA seriously got no idea what Amanda's doing .

The legendary Nic's shirt that I'm wearing

Desmund ordering mac for all of us !

Zilian me LOL

Amanda & I

Nicholas , Dylan , Desmund , Amanda & I . Let's take a moment to zoom into Desmund's very pretty face .

Hahaha pictures
really does a lot of talking don't they ? We pretty much spent first half of the chalet spamming pictures , cutting cake etc . The later half of the night , Amanda , Nicholas & I just stayed inside the room talking about anything . Almost like leaving everyone else in the chalet alone ! HAHAHA .

The next morning , 
all of us checked out & had breakfast at the Changi Food Centre . Amanda & I headed back home after that . It was lucky that she got to sleep the moment we reached home , but I had to stay awake for a short film ): Which is already done ! I might share it on my blog soon ^^ 

All in all , 
I have to say that I really had quite some fun at the chalet & getting to know new people even though I hardly even speak to anybody else . But I can safely say that everyone over there have been friendly :D