Friday, 15 November 2013

Birthday lunch ? (:

Birthday already
passed 11 days ago and I'm only blogging about it now *stabs self* LOLOL 
Anyway before anything , I would like to thank ALL of those who wished me on/before/after my birthday whether is it on Facebook , PM , DM , Twitter , calls or messages :D I appreciate it a lot and it really makes me smile for every single message I read . Which means , you guys definitely made my day hahahahhaa . Birthday can't get any better (;


Even though there
isn't any fanciful surprises like the past years of my birthdays where I blogged about , but I can safely say that I had a really great birthday this year . I know my loved ones remember it at least , and having it advanced celebrated & spent with someone special really just makes me feel blessed enough . I can't ask for more , I'm so satisfied & happy . Not the kind of temporary happiness that you feel when you get surprises , but the kind of happiness that lasts a long time , the kind of smile that comes from within . Looking back , it's irreplaceable :D 

OK so moving on . 
I didn't do much but I had advance birthday lunch with my family at Vivo City's TCC ^^ 

We had it outdoors though 
as there wasn't enough space inside & it was a mistake LOL . So warm & scorching hot .. I've to constantly fear what if the sun rays damages my skin & I'd become tanner wtf ......... I totally forgotten to apply sunblock that day BIG MISTAKEEEE ): 

Nonetheless , 
spending time with family is still great ♥ The reason why I chose TCC is because I loveeeeeeeeee their desserts so much ! Especially 'Dark Devotion' which is a must-order for me every single time at TCC . However , I don't really like their main courses LOL . But thumbs up for desserts :D 

The hot and cold sensation omg
Left to right : Niece , aunt & meeeeeeeeeeeeee . Not sure what we were laughing at though HAHAHA

Bro ♥ Oh , come to think of it , both my brother & I celebrated our birthdays on Sunday when the actual day is Monday .

Not sure is it just me or what but I really think my bro looks like a ex-convict with his hair shaved for army hahahhahaha . Ok joking love you bro

The only 'sad' thing
about that day is that , my second sister couldn't make it for lunch as at that point of time , she wasn't in Singapore . But a birthday wish from her through the phone is better than nothing ♥ Right after lunch , it was so weird cuz everyone just went to do their own things . Like some just went home , some to the movies , some to run errands . HAHAHHA .  As if everyone gathered just for lunch and not birthday . 

Just when I thought it's over , this happened : 

But then , my bro just
randomly brought me into a shop & I kept saying I love this(soft toy as seen in pic above) . But I didn't want my brother to constantly spend money on me especially when these days every single time he books out from camp , HE ALWAYS SPENDS MONEY ON ME .  In the end , he just turned to his girlfriend & said , "as long as I buy it , my sister will have to accept it anyway ."

He then took the soft toy(the one I said I like)
looked at it and said , "Hmm lets just take this" . I feel so lucky to have a brother who dotes on me so so much for 18 years of my life & more to come . Thank you & I love you always

And also ,
thank you Alandrea who suddenly came over to my place , shouted my name through the window giving me a shock LOL . She came over just to pass me a really really cute pressie which I'm using NOW (like seriously) : 

 HAHAHHAA super cute ! 
It's so sweet that she knows I would like a black kitty more than the usual white ones . It's a hello kitty speaker that allows you to charge your phone & play the music at the same time . iPhone 5 can be used too but via a USB . Comes with a really cute remote control and the best part ? You can adjust the volume just by touching it's ears (as seen in video) . Hehe love it ! She even got me a membership card with my very own particulars which could be used all around Asia ! Thank you Alandrea

It was great that day , 
pure happiness . Especially catching the movie Thor at night & the silly moments were the best .