Saturday, 16 November 2013


Not long back
I watched the movie , 'Carrie' and I SWEAR , I'm soooooooo disappointed with the show . I mean it is supposed to be Horror/Thriller (THAT'S WHAT THEY SAY) but it's nothing like it at all ? Aargh . But before that , here's my outfit that day & selfie : 

Looks super awkward because I wasn't even in pose yet hahahahhaha

Okay so now , CARRIE: 

First , 
I have to say I love the female lead , Chloe Grace Moretz she's born 1997 only 16 years old wtf . But she's damn damn gorgeous . She can really act (I read about her on wiki already) . But the thing is , Carrie's movie plot is really such a disappointment ?  If it's just me saying it , then maybe I'm bias . But no , I see it all over my twitter timeline , all my friends said it was a disappointment & a waste of time . 

I'm the kind that
really can't take horror/thriller shows but this , I wasn't even shocked a bit . No scary scenes , nothing . Plot - not complete , giving a lot of unnecessary information with no ending or conclusion . And the worst is , I don't even know what's the message they're trying to put across ! UNLESS , there's a sequel to it . EVEN if there is , as a audience I wouldn't feel excited to watch the second part to it . Because the first wasn't catchy enough for me to want more of the show .

 If you would like
to watch Carrie's movie trailer , here it is : 

Not scary , don't worry .
Just disturbing sound effects but nothing much so it's safe to watch if you're timid just like me . 
Basically , if I was given a choice again , I wouldn't watch it . Because I really felt that my time was being wasted & I was looking forward to what's it about especially when their tagline goes , "You will know her name" . It's just like how I would rather watch Insidious twice than to this . But if you wish to check it out yourself , go ahead . Everyone has their own perspective right ? 

Maybe I'm just too shallow LOL . 

It's like - yeah I get it . Carrie . She has supernatural powers , and then ?? 
Anti bullying movie or ? But again like what my sister told me , "ok what at least the female lead very pretty ." true , but haha we watch the movie for a plot not to look at pretty girls . 

Side track a bit here before the
end of this blog post , I think the girl acting as 'Sue' in Carrie looks damn chio also LOLOL: