Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Butler !

Watched 'The Butler'

Outfit that night to The Cathay . Edited fake shades on via an app because I was looking like crap hahahha

Shades by Space Invasion (located at The Cathay #03-15/16)

Strawberry Milkshade :D

Before movies , we had dinner at Fosters (Holland Village)

Dinner !

At first , 
I didn't expect much from the movie . But I swear I'm so impressed by it & it's really worth my time and money for such a great movie ! Basically it's about how people discriminated the 'colored' (blacks) back then in America and how hard people tried to fight for their rights . But of course , 'The Butler' is the main focus la . It's inspired by true story and I think it's really cool ! IT'S A MUST WATCH :D

Oprah Winfrey // Forest Whitaker as Gloria Gaines & Cecil Gaines

This movie really
have all the emotions all together - Love , Hate , Sadness , Funny moments & so much more . All I can say is really watch it ! If you wanna know more about the plot , click HERE . And movie trailer below : 

It was a really simple day
for me . Just dinner , movie and then Yong Tau Foo for supper . I wish I was able to keep my mind off things though . But I guess it's all worth it . Goodnight guys , more posts tomorrow :D !!!