Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Messy Bun Day

It's so hard
for me to create a real messy bun . I mean , I've been trying to make a messy bun myself for AGES but it just simply doesn't work on me no matter what methods I use . I even kept searching for different tutorials on YouTube but really , just doesn't fucking work for me UNTIL one morning where I'm heading into JB , I decided to try again . 


As much as how YouTube
tutorials always make it seems so easy , if you were to read the comments , you would notice that many of people like us usually can't do it at the first few tries ! And most of them are for short hair -_______- And back then I have really long hair , doesn't work for me at all . No idea what got into me that day that I can finally finally make a perfect messy bun for myself .

Anyway , here's my outfit that day : 

Knitwear because it was really chilly that morning x Messy bun just in case it gets warm again in the afternoon !

Close up of my makeup x hairbun

After I got into JB , 
I went to KSL mall with my sister , her boyfriend & my grandma ! I bought sooooooooooo much  clothes there because it's all really cheap ! How about a haul video soon (; ?  I even met up with my friends who work there ! And when you go into JB , that one thing you have to do is - A MASSAGE .

That's me waiting for my leg massage :D

And after that I was really really happy
because my grandma bought my clothes ! It's so rare that she would because I see her only once in awhile and she doesn't live in Singapore . Back then , she would NEVER spend money on me for clothes and this is the first time ! And below is a picture of me going crazy over the idea of her paying for me LOL 

Thank you granny ♥ Hahahha she looks like she's saluting someone in this picture .

After all that crazy walking 
in KSL mall , we decided to bring our granny back home with really nice desserts - CAKES ♥__♥ !!!

I was smiling so widely at all the cakes la because I really really love desserts I SWEAR

Can't wait to 
shop over at KSL mall again . And I just got back from Taiwan , sorry for the lack of update guys ): 
Will blog about it soon :D !