Thursday, 30 January 2014


Yea , as the title suggests , FOOD . 
I went out yesterday with my friend , Shaun . And all we did was ? EAT . HAHAHA . 
To start off this blog post , here's what I wore last night : 

Outer knitwear because it's so chilly nowadays ! Bottoms from Space Invasion

We met up at
Thomson Road planning to have waffles at Salted Caramel but by the time we reached , the waffles are sold out ): ! Udders was packed as fuck as well . And since I haven't had dinner , I suggested Swee Choon ! So we cabbed over to Jalan Besar but GUESS WHAT SWEE CHOON'S OFF DAY IS ON TUESDAY AND I TOTALLY DIDN'T KNOW . Sigh , stupid or what HAHAHA .

Since we are
'stranded' at Jalan Besar , I thought I know of a good place to have dinner too ! We made our way there and on the way , we passed by the famous scissor cut rice and Shaun wanted to try sooooooooo badly . But I said NO LOL .  Finally , we reached our destination , and where's that ?

It's Reunion BBQ @ Jalan Besar !
I loveeeeeeeeeeee Reunion BBQ .
Something that I would always order there without fail - the sliced beef OMG it tastes superb without any sauce !!! But I personally love the peanut sauce along with it , it's awesome . And you think it's easy to just take the picture above ? Nope , because :

AHA I totally look like I have double chin with that strand of hair . I do actually LOL .

FAT PORK yum yumz

Mi mi yan . Shaun open your eyes can ??? HAHAHA

Chiong ah !


Green peas for me only since Shaun thinks it's disgusting

Big bottle of lemon tea to share yay

The staff there would usually help you BBQ your food or you can request to do it yourself (:

There are a variety
of sauces to and toppings to choose from for your meat etc and the best thing is ? FREE FLOW ICE CREAM ♥_____♥ They used to only have normal flavors but right now .................. : 


YES ♥ It tastes better and creamier than the usual ones .

Greedy Chrysan takes it all

After dinner (SUPER LATE DINNER) ,
I decided to go look for my sister since she lives nearby ! Initially I just wanted to chit chat with her for just awhile but ended up ........ I thought I would just treat her to supper together with Shaun & her boyfriend ! Where to ? MOOKATA @ GOLDEN MILE : 

Eldest sister and her boyfriend ~

It was my first time
trying 'Mookata' because everyone has been talking about it long long time ago but I've never tried it ... and I finally did ! Verdict : GOOD . Why ? I heard people say that their pork usually tastes nicer than chicken . But I don't really like pork , however this one impressed me !!!! It tastes so fucking good that it's really way better than the chicken . Maybe because of the way it's marinated , but their pork is just awesome lol .

Where did we go
after having Mookata ? Hahaha sorry guys no more foodie , we went home after that ! And honestly , I'm so fucking starving right now , 12.22AM I NEED FOOD .