Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lucky Plaza Flea !

Can't sleep right now 
in the middle of the night , so I thought I would just blog about the day where I had flea at Lucky Plaza :D ! And yes , I'M HAVING ONE WEEK OF BREAK FROM SCHOOL BECAUSE IT'S CNY HOLIDAYS I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY ♥_♥ Otherwise I would be crying and ranting on twitter about not being able to sleep already HAHAHA . 

Shopping or studies in this week of CNY holidays ? Meh , I'm choosing both ! Can't afford to fail my exams T_T

Before I blog about my flea ,
 let me just talk a bit about schooling . I'm really really glad that I've a very supportive father . People who follows me on Twitter or reads my blog will definitely know how great a man he is . When I told him that I wanna study , the first thing he said was , "No problem , let me know how much is it & I'll write you a cheque . Daddy support you" . I'm glad that I always have 100% control of decision making in life because of the abundance of freedom my father gives me . I'm glad that I'm in school right now because of my own decision and that I'm not forced into it by anyone else .

Few weeks ago
I asked my dad , "Why are you always so supportive of everything I decide to do ?" I was crying then . He said , "Aiya , what support (jokingly & looked away)" , turned back to me again and said , "Because if I don't , who will ? I'll always have faith in you ."

My siblings were shocked when 
I told them I'm gonna enroll into MDIS again . Yes , again . I studied in MDIS 2 years back , and obviously I didn't do well . Not that the school isn't good , but I've only myself to blame because I was reluctant to study . Back then , I just wanted to be in a school for the sake of it . But right now , I feel so fucking happy with my life . I feel I'm right on track , doing exactly what I want . I'm so grateful to be in school , awesome father to come home to , have dinner with him EVERYDAY (which I can't in the past because he only moved in recently) , opportunities given from Mousetrap etc etc , I'm grateful for all of that & I'm so happy (': .... 

So then , ForFleaSake
decided to give me another opportunity by inviting me as a blogger with Aurelia for the Lucky Plaza flea last Saturday ! I was so happy when my manager asked me if I wanted to take up the offer .. Not only did ForFleaSake gave me a free booth , I was given the one in the middle ! I've worked with ForFleaSake once for the annual Blog Shop Festival & that one time is good enough for me to see how professional and amazing their flea parties are ! There's not a time where working with them isn't fun & I've always enjoyed myself

I started 
packing all the clothes that I wanted to sell the day before & yeap here it goes : 

Used the largest luggage I have !

Some of the pieces I sold that day .

 And when I reached Lucky Plaza
at around 12PM , one of ForFleaSake's coordinator came all the way down to bring me up to the flea location , it's really nice - because I didn't ask them to ! Oh and I was a retard because I didn't change any small change for the flea which I totally forgot /: But it wasn't really a problem for me at all (: 

I was brought
to my booth & I started setting them up , not long later Aurelia , her boyfriend & her sister came ! They had the booth beside me . Aurelia kept complaining that I'm spoiling market because I sold everything at really low prices . Basic tank tops at 50cents was sold , see what I mean ? HAHA 

The middle booth with the pink laptop is mine !
Brought my laptop
along because I was told there are power sockets there and so glad I brought it along with me ! I was listening to music , photoshopping pictures & drinking koi relaxing over at my booth LOLOL . Shiok ! 

Aurelia & I ! I swear we're like super posers , we took quite a lot of pictures with my camera and I transferred it into my computer immediately to edit after that HAHAHA .

Take pictures with her must make my eye bigger lolol , I didn't even bother photoshopping her because you tell me la which part of her face can I even photoshop seriously

Halfway through taking pictures ,
we decided to make an instavideo in hope that more people would come and visit us hahaha :

Not sure which handsome boy I was looking at HAHAHA . But a little side track , there are quite a number of male vendors there , I'm really shocked !

I seriously didn't bother to fold the clothes after that because after a few minutes , this is how my booth will look like .
But guess what ! 
Within the first two hours , not kidding really first 2 hours , most of the clothes are wiped out ! The flea at Lucky Plaza had gained so much recognition that even before the official opening time , people already start coming in before that to shop ! 

Oops ! Who's the person in the background ?

It's Parisa ! She came to visit us hahahha god knows why , but so sweet ! Isabel wanted to come visit us too , but she couldn't in the end due to time constrain ):

Funny face attack hahahha

Aurelia : "Ehhh !! My face looks the same in all the pictures" - WE KNOW RIGHT LOL

P/S : I actually already tip toe when I took this picture with them . NOT COOL TO BE SHORT LIKE ME  ):

After so many pictures , 
yea you must've noticed Aurelia's face never really change at all HAHHAHA . When Parisa left , my friend Ginity came down to the flea to help out ♥_♥ !!! The first thing she did at my booth ? Starts packing the clothes and say "walao your booth so messy !" 

Ginity packing the booth for me ♥ !

So glad she was around to accompany me

Chrysan the overly attached friend . And weird shopper photobombing us hahahha

Tried to take a picture with Kent (Owner of ForFleaSake) , but his face got cut off & he blames me for being short HAHAHA

Who the fuck still takes photo with you when they're on the phone hahaha , Kent did you feel like a celebrity ? Kent is one of the people around me that I'm really thankful for (:
 Time passed damn
fast at the flea for some reason , and I can safely say that the crowd at Lucky Plaza is surprisingly constant throughout O_O I'm taken aback because people always claim that flea markets are usually only crowded at the start of it , but that day , the crowd don't stop coming in ! 

After 9 hours of starving
since I woke up that morning , I finally got to eat ! The coordinators from ForFleaSake did asked if I wanted anything for lunch though , so they're not starving the bloggers they invited ! They are not obliged to anyway . 

I headed over to
ION with Ginity & Jared (who came to find me after flea) for dinner and I was mad frustrated because I was sooooooooooooo hungry & every single restaurant in ION was packed with long queues . Peak hour , sigh what do I expect . But we finally settled down for Ginza Bairin :D ! 

Got myself the Cheese Croquette set !

Asked Ginity to say hi and this is what she did hahahahha
Omg right now at 5AM in 
the morning I'm really super hungry . Did I say I started blogging at about 3AM ?? SUPER HUNGRY RIGHT NOW MY STOMACH GRUMBLING . Should I go eat fried rice that my dad's girlfriend cooked or .... should I just sleep with an empty stomach ): ? Ok back to topic , will go settle my stomach later . 

Jared can't pose ! He was forced into taking a picture though hahahha by me

Copy cat somemore order same set & drink as me HAHAHA .

Had awesome dinner , 
cracked lame jokes with random conversations and headed back to my house with Ginity that night . We reached home , touch up on our makeup and this is what happened : 

These are just part of the pictures , we took so many !  
And the ugliest picture of all time ? The one below LOL super sickening I wonder why I even posed for the camera hahahaha that's not the wardrobe that my clothes are in by the way . Just shoes etc are inside .

We left my house
awhile after all that madness and headed over to Club Dream ! It's a Saturday , must enjoy since it marks the start of my CNY holidays LOLOLOL . That's an excuse but it wasn't too bad !

I didn't really manage
to dance at all since I was busy trying to make sure nothing happens to that drunktard above (a mutual friend of Ginity & I) that night & Ginity was off dancing :@ :@ :@ !!!!! HAHAHA but okay fulfilling day ♥ Omg it's 6AM right now , gonna go eat & sleep - Pig at work !