Friday, 17 January 2014

Jackass : Bad Grandpa !

Met up from my friend , 
Jimson for late lunch 3 days back at Bugis Junction ! I was so lazy to prepare so I just skipped the eyeliners , eyeshadow & falsies ! Had mascara though ^^ I quite like this look once in awhile , and apparently Jimson says I look better this way ):

We met up at Bugis MRT , 
and the cool thing is , we actually alighted from the same train cause he saw me alighting ! WTF LOL . If he hadn't overshot the train station , there would be no way we could be in the same train . We took a really long time trying to decide what to have & finally we settled down for my favorite - The Soup Spoon ! I would never have tried The Soup Spoon if my BFF didn't bring me there in the past . 

Got myself the Tangy Tomato with Basil
I really love
the bread that is slightly sour , it tastes and goes so freaking well with the soup ♥ 
And as usual , I got caesar salad as my side dish . I've been craving for it badly the whole day today ): 

#randomfact : I had the salad sauce on my eye while eating and seriously I don't even know how it got there and my friend had a really good laugh :@ 

We got so bored
we decided to catch a movie . SUPER IMPROMPTU . We reached at like 7.15PM and we just decided to watch Bad Grandpa which is showing at 7.15PM also LOL . The thing is , I've never watched the Jackass series , I heard from Jimson that it's really really funny .

Honestly , 
I didn't get the show at first , especially when there are no subtitles and I'm wondering why is the movie quality slightly below standard from the usual movies we watch in the cinemas . Then , I realized it was all sort of 'hidden cameras' so they could film this show . And I swear , it's a SUPER SUPER great show . Considering the fact that most reactions of people in the movie are REAL , since they do not know that they are being filmed and got prank on . Really really cool hahahaha . 

In case you're wondering
like me , yes they do reveal to the people in the end that they're actually filming a movie , so whatever they just experienced from the 'bad grandpa' are all fake & apparently an actor . Really enjoyed the movie very much ! 

Our day ended pretty fast
at Bugis and did I say I love the crepes at street ? Yea I got so unlucky , I didn't get to order it again -_______-  So I got home early that day and took many photos with my fluff ball ♥___♥ And I'm also really sad now because I initially wanted to blog about my KL trip with the mousetrap girls but I lost all the photos ?! Don't even know how it just vanished from my SD card ): 

But anyway , 
ending this short blog post with the pictures I took with my fluff balllllllll . Major spam ! Love you guys , oh and the episode of Wahbanana that I'm in is also now out on YouTube !! Go watch it or you can scroll all the way down to the end of this blog post where I attached it (: