Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cinema shoot ?

Two days back this Monday , 
I met up with Wah!banana for another shoot , again of course mine is just a small part la but I super love working with them ! I was supposed to meet them at 9.30AM but then I reached at like 9.32AM & even if it's just 2 minutes I felt bad enough because I personally think punctuality is very important . What's more , every second is money to people . And then this Jason just come & tell me , "actually you're not late , we booked the cinema at 10AM" and I was HENG AH SO I'M NOT LATE NOR THE LATEST .

But then , 
I was really pissed off that morning because I booked a cab at like 9AM and it only arrived like 9.20AM or something . So I went CRAZY ranting on Twitter as shown below : 

Reasons why I'm pissed : 
1. I'm late so obviously my mood ain't that good (my fault) 
2. Your app says the cab will arrive in 3-5 mins but it's still not here after 20mins .
3. There was someone else living in the same blk as me & their cab came before mine when she booked later (I believe)
4. Customers book cabs for a reason & most likely because they're late so arriving on time is fucking important 
5. I used both the app & via calling HOWEVER , when you say I will be notified via SMS , I already thought my cab was booked , however it came so long later and tells me my booking isn't successful because there's no cab . WHY CAN'T YOU TELL ME STRAIGHT SO I CAN JUST DECIDE WHETHER I SHOULD WAIT FOR A CAB OUTSIDE OR BOOK ONE ? 
6. Your driver came late & apologized (that's good) but seriously are they allowed to just be late as and when they like ? What's the point of booking a cab like that ?

I REALLY REALLY just don't
feel that the $4 worth of booking fee was well paid . I know it's just $4 , but if the cab didn't arrive on time as it promised to , then is it still worthy ? To me , NO . Ok done ranting , period . 

Anyway , I was so exhausted
that morning because I slept late last night , HAHAHA I totally deserved it . And I was really shocked because they booked a cinema to film & it's a really really huge one ! To show you how big it is , watch the video below : 

Jason being hardworking hahahha

Really huge & I've never done
any shoot in the cinemas before it's so cool ! And there's also like a stage thing in front of the screen O___O . I felt more comfortable shooting with them this time round , even though I'm not close to them but it's a lot less awkward because everyone is so friendly & they really let loose . They're all so close to each other , crack jokes all the time , it's like hanging out with a family ! I would definitely do feel left out at times but that's because I don't talk at all . I keep quiet most of the time because I'm afraid I would say something wrong as my language ain't as good as theirs . There's this Chinese saying that goes , "说多错多" . Nonetheless , I still had a lot of fun with them

Hahaha Terrence having foam all over his face

Fish & Terrence !

I felt like paparazzi 
before this picture because I guess this is the only picture where they are aware of & intentionally posed for . After the 4 hour shoot at The Cathay I really wish I could join them for lunch but I had to head off to Bugis to meet my eldest sister for ...... SUSHI LOL ! 

Bitch camwhores anywhere . Even in the MRT

 Reached Bugis & had
to wait for my sister to come pick me up , later on we headed off to City Square for lunch ♥ !

Apparently took this picture to send to my friend but I thought I would just post it here hahahha fishball cheeks for you

Posted a instavideo
on Instagram that day too , acting crazy upon seeing sushi (my favorite) , despite feeling extremely tired already . The only thing that can keep me awake and the desire to sleep is - GOOD FOOD . HAHAHA you feel me ? 

We settled down for Nihon Mura & I swear their chawanmushi tastes damn good . Soft & smooth ♥_

Eldest sister & I , major love for sushi . The thing about me is that , I'd always only order Japanese hot green tea so long as I'm having sushi !

Not sure why I'm posting this posing gone wrong but ok HAHAHAHA - My mouth was full of food by the way !!!!

Love food so much , smile until cannot see her eyes already

Ordered really cute mini cold udon & it tastes awesome ! Super QQ lor .

After lunching
at Nihon Mura & mini shopping at Daiso in City Square , we decided to head down AMK Hub to meet up with my second sister and had ice cream at 'Just Like It!' . Why there ? Because my bro's girlfriend Amanda happens to be working there that day ! We totally disturbed her HAHAHA . 

In the instavideo above , I recorded
the process of making and customizing your own ice cream & if you noticed I paid here $6.90 in ALL COINS LOL . I damn mean but I was really just trying to clear all my coins okay , so my friends would stop saying that I'm some coin collector . I love their ice cream , it's unbelievably smooth O_O . However , definitely lack of taste . Heard it's healthier cause there's no fat nor sugar ! 

I went home that night & KO straight after dinner hahaha , damn !