Friday, 10 January 2014


Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! 
Had such a long long sleep because I had a long day yesterday ! But honestly , I find myself waking up from my sleep every few hours these days and each time I fall back asleep , I would either have a dream or nightmare . Yes yes , I'm a very dream active person but seriously nightmares ): ?! I'm fine with having dreams constantly but nightmares are just soooooooo mentally tiring - I don't even know why I have them .

So anyway , 
I went Bugis + yesterday afternoon for a short shoot with Wah!Banana ♥ ! 
It's just great to see Jason and work with him again - Director of #1 most subscribed Singapore's YouTube channel like DUH . I used to see him everyday with the rest of our awesome team mates for a project back then in Jteam . And to reminisce how things were , here's something funny : 

This was last year , one of the scenes for our project where I make Jason drink up (he was actually drinking chrysanthemumtea) HAHAHA

And to side track a little , 
I swear all of us in the group had so much fun together ..

Smartass Jason even knows how to make a movie poster k !!!

Back then in mid 2013 with the team


I miss them all so much !
So I met up with the Wah!Banana team - they're all so friendly & funny !!!
Honestly , before I met the artistes , I was feeling so inferior & worried if they're gonna be judgmental & wonder why I'm joining them that day for the shoot so I was really really nervous but it turns out , they're really a bunch of energetic & awesome people ! Major love . 

It was amazing
how I wasn't neglected just because I was really quiet . They really know how to make work fun ! I really appreciate people like them , makes me feel comfortable & loosen up a little . I really need to go self reflect and stop being so anti social already . 

The shoot took a couple
of hours & we had late lunch together after that at Coco Ichibanya in Bugis + ! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the food in Coco because their curry is just amazing ♥_♥ !!!! When I knew I was going to meet them at Bugis + , I already planned to have Coco after that & coincidentally they decided to go have lunch at Coco too !!! LUCKY OR WHAT ?! 

 So for me , I had the 
Chicken Omelet one , which I usually ask the kitchen to add tomatoes . It was soooooooo good but I felt so full halfway through I just couldn't finish it ): ): I felt damn bad for like wasting food and all . To show you how much of it was left , here you go : 

Everyone starts to think that I'm super small sized because I eat very little . And I know for sure some self righteous person would come & say I'm ungrateful because here I am wasting food while African kids are starving . I mean you can't just force someone to finish their food when they really can't , it's not like I can order a smaller portion can I ? 

Besides , people waste
food every single day & I dare say we got all the rights to waste it because we consumers PAID for it . On a side note , whether I finish it or not it wouldn't make a change to the living environment for the African kids what . And if those people really thinks that they shouldn't waste food because of THAT , then they should really do something to help the kids starving in Africa not going around telling people not to waste food lol . But seriously , I really am grateful for the life that I'm living right now . Not being able to finish my food because I am full does not mean I don't cherish what I have now . 

(Just why do I always get side tracked ?) 

So we had fun chatting
over lunch & my day with Wah!Banana ended really soon , time just passes so fast when it's fun ! 

Wah!Banana - Sorry Jason I just had to kop this picture from your Instagram ! Credits to @Jasonkokotan

I really had so much fun
& enjoyed filming with them , I can't wait to work with them again (if there are any) ! After that , I waited for Ginity to come meet me at Bugis + , it was a super impromptu decision because she only asked to meet up with me after she saw my check in at Bugis HAHAHA . So while I waited for her to arrive , I took my shoes of the day on Instagram ! 
Believe it or not , I got this pair of shoes at like SGD4 from my Taiwan trip ! Can't wait to blog on that soon :D
Ginity and I 
had the best crepe in town ever yesterday , obviously it's the stall in Bugis Junction . I love love love their crepes ! I would always order 'Blush' , which is a combination of my favorite fruit strawberries , fresh cream & nutella . Yummy ♥ ! 

I would order
crepes from them every single time I'm at Bugis , it's too damn nice . But the thing I hate is that - 6 out of 10 times I've be to disappointed because they are either having breaks , stopping orders or I've to wait damn long and I need to leave soon . It's as if I just don't have fate with them lor !!! Their orders are ALWAYS flooding , good stuffs ! Yesterday , I only waited for 30mins finally I get to eat it ! 

After chatting & doing 
a bit of shopping , Ginity and I went off at about 9 plus and I only slept around 4AM last night lolol . OH AND DID I SAY , Ginity & I met like the worst cashier from chewy junior ! Her attitude is seriously fucked from the start when I visited the outlet till I paid for my items and left . P/S , I was very very nice no matter how many times that bitch showed attitude towards us . I mean have we ever done anything to you that you have to give us that black face of yours when you serve , did you have to serve us with impatience when there's no one else ordering other than us ? Did you have to throw the box of pastries and kept giving the 'tsk' sound and even leaving a cut on my arms because of the box that you threw at the counter that nearly slide off :@ :@ ? So pissed off . Customer service is soooooo important I don't even know why she's hired . 

On a happier side note ,
 I'm now in a dilemma of whether to stay home and waste my Friday night away or go for a midnight movie which ...... is just for at most 3-4 hours outside right ? Decisions decisions !