Wednesday, 5 March 2014

It's a wedding day !

Happy happy news ! 
My sister & her boyfriend of 8 years finally tied the knot on 01.03.14 few days back :D !!!!!
I swear , when I know they're finally getting married , I was so fucking happy ! Happy for such a long time ... even way before the wedding day , I seem to be happier than the bride HAHAHA . Everywhere I went , I just told everyone I see along the way that my sister is getting married , even the taxi driver !

One day before
the wedding , I had a gathering till late with Mousetrap (I'll blog about that soon) , and only slept around 4+ AM and then later woke up at 6AM to prepare for the wedding already ! And because my stomach was growling madly while I was trying to sleep with both my second & eldest sister (the bride) , I laughed out loud and both of them slept late as well ): 

Just in case you're
wondering why I was sleeping with my sisters , it was because I had to give up my room to my relatives whom came over to stay for the wedding . So anyway , I woke up by 6.15AM and started preparing ! Here's my outfit in the morning for the groom & best men gate crash (; 

I think I'm a very lucky girl because I was absolutely lost of what to wear in the morning few days before the wedding , then Amanda brought this dress over for me to wear and my second sister bought me the flower head band to match as well , thank you girls

Top to toe : Flower headband , simple laced dress , flower wrist band & floral wedges !

Look at my face , how can anyone think I'm not happy ?!

And it was so funny the day
before when I reached home and saw all my relatives , I literally skipped and hopped everywhere around the house in my hyperactive mood , greeting everyone with a big bright smile , jumping around saying , "OMG I'M SO HAPPY MY SISTER'S GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW !" THIS - is how happy I am . I never thought I would feel so elated over a fucking wedding , but really , you wouldn't know the joy till you're in a similar position as me . Just no words can describe how elated I am . 

With Amanda & my second sister after preparing before the gate crash starts !

Left to right : Amanda , me & my second sister

Thank you Jared , for waking up as early as us , helping out in videography and taking polaroid for me and the girls (;

Hi my beautiful bride , you look so gorgeous ♥___

Finally , the groom arrived
along with 7 cars ! My bro had to go down to open the car door for him as he horns loudly , which is a custom to tell others that he has arrived . 

The other 2 cars couldn't fit in LOL

He was posing like a superstar and everyone was taking photos of him , what a happy groom :D

Bro opening the door ~

And what's next ? 
Time for a gate crash :D !!!!!

Below ,
 are some of the things I made the best men do : 

After the 'exercises' , 
we gave them awesome 'breakfasts' ! HAHAHA as seen below :

We gave them biscuits with wasabi and sour plum along with lemon shots mixing tabasco omg

Below is a video
of the groom , Mike trying to finish up his horrible 'breakfast' HAHAHAHA : 

After getting into the house , 
(they actually had to find the house key using their legs in a bucket of cold ice water) , Mike was given a piece of paper full of lip stains and he had to guess which was Christy's (bride) lip stain as seen below : 

Groom and his brothers ^^

On the way to the groom's house ~ I was in another car !

Managed to take a photo of Jared sitting in my sister's car taking a video of the groom's car hehe


Byebye !!!! HAHAHA
Finally reached the
groom's place , enjoyed the buffet and some tea ceremony too ! 

With Amanda
 Got bored
at the groom's place and decided to go down to take some pictures ^^ 

With my super qt couzzie !


His eyelashes are crazy long ! Why are guys eyelashes always longer ? :@ Girls need it more than you !

Amanda also went down the pool hehe

Kor , you got yourself a future housewife already


After the buffet and
tea ceremony at the groom's place , it was already afternoon and it was a custom for the bride to go back to her own home for tea ceremony as well as buffet too ! Once I got home , I changed up and got ready for the wedding dinner at night ♥ And here's my outfit for that night : 

In my hotel room in Fairmont . I was quite skeptical about wearing this red dress that night , but I didn't had a choice since I ran out of clothes to wear . So , what' your view on this ?

Needless to say , I also touched up on makeup . Also , Amanda and I surprisingly wore the EXACT same brand and shoes for the wedding dinner ! Just different size (;

Slacking off in the hotel room when we finally get some rest ~

We took our own sweet time
to rest and some even showered (including me , I just wanted to smell nice) . Once all the relatives reached , we held another tea ceremony in Fairmont Hotel again hehe .

Uncle looking all happy :D

Also casually took a group shot together , can you spot me ?

I helped the older batch take photos
with the newly weds and I thought it's boring that they kept giving the same pose , so I suggested , "want a fun shot ?" and THIS is what happened , SEE BELOW : 

Love the pastel theme

Time passed so quickly ,  
the ballroom was ready for guests to enter , and before that , they had a cocktail session outside the ballroom . FYI , I got to be at the reception signing guests in and there are soooooooooo much huge strawberries (my favorite) outside the ballroom , so I kept secretly sneaking my way to the cocktail section , grabbed a few strawberries at once and got back to my seat at the reception looking absolutely like a GLUTTON . HAHAHA 

And the process of 
 'stealing of strawberries to reception' thing happened a few times until I realized the strawberries and running out HAHAHA . To satisfy your curiosity , here's how the cocktail area looks like : 

The ice melted , it looks really nice before that where they used ice and carved into the bride and groom statue

Overflowing strawberries and grapes , yeap that's where I stole all my strawberries from .

With Jared (:

With Ginity ♥ ! It's sad that my bff peixin couldn't make it that night ):

And this picture is so funny because I remembered smiling and posing which ended up ...... looking as if I'm not happy with the rest of the people in the picture HAHAHHAA

Soon after , I went up to my sister's wedding suite to fetch her down to the ballroom for her grand entrance with the groom :D

Already half dead before the dinner starts .

Princess looking all happy from her grand entrance :D

Cutting their wedding cake ! And angmoh manager decides to photobomb LOL

Ginity and I at the wedding dinner

I said , "Omg I want a lot a lot a lot of veggie plz !" Within seconds , my plate was crazily filled with veggie because Jared and Ginity started taking a lot of veggie to me HAHA

After trying to finish up all the veggie they gave me HAHAHA

Second entrance and the pop champagne ceremony :D

The 'Jiao Bei Jiu' !

I was then later
invited up the stage for a 'yam seng' which is also again , a custom . And I brought my little couzzie along because I love him too much ! : 

Can you see where I am with my little cousin ? Hahaha

Photographer taking a photo of us hahaha

 It's pretty cool
how the wedding dinner had 'instant prints' where you get to receive your photo immediately after the photographer took it ! And everyone gets a copy :D 

The instant print I got :D
 Everyone's laughing at Ginity
after looking at the instant print because firstly I said , "Omg Ginity looks so outcasted here" . Secondly , Amanda said , "Ginity looks preggie !" Then my second sister continued and said , "And looks like the single mother kind" . HAHAHHA we disturbed Ginity over that the WHOLE night ahhaha sorry baby

 At the end of the wedding
dinner , I went back to the suite at 66th floor and I swear the view is magnificent ! The wind was really strong too , such a chilly place ........... LOVE IT

To show you how beautiful
it is , I made a instavideo here below : 

It's so beautiful ! 
So my sister , Ginity & I decided to pose with it HAHAHA 

Didn't wanna look up into the camera because my eyes was looking like shit already 
Soon after , 
the hotel staff sent the newly weds supper and even a beautiful cake ! ♥____

The glutton me is of course the first to do a taste test HAHAHA . Speaking of cakes , I actually just had a strawberry cake 5 mins ago while blogging this O_O  The evidence is on twitter HAHAHA

So anyway , ending this blog post
with how Ginity and I tried to take pictures with the scenery back in our hotel room which is 39th floor . I would say the scenery on the 66th floor is really much nicer than the one on 39th . Oh well ! 

HAHAHA , so goodnight guys , gtg . 
Exams tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww