Monday, 10 March 2014

Luscious hair !

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"Chrysan , why don't you want other salons to sponsor your hair ?" 
Someone once asked me that , but I feel I will never leave J7IMAGE unless they do not want me anymore . I love my hairstylists so much , I have so much trust & faith in them that they'll handle my hair well . And again , they never fail to surprise me this month with the most unexpected color ever - FULL BLACK . 

I'm sure you've the same 
doubts as I do - how can black hair itself just ever look nice ? You'll find out more in this blog post (;
P/S : Read till the end for discount codes when you visit J7IMAGE !

So two days back
I went J7IMAGE for my usual monthly appointment with them and I was shocked . Because every hairstylist was busy as hell & the seating area are filled with people waiting . They had to reject walk-in customers , it was such a busy day for them ! 

But I'm really glad
that even though all of them are busy , their customer service are still top notch . I was then quickly served & asked if I wanted anything to drink & was given a seat immediately when a customer happily got their hair done . And when my hairstylist , Jeft came over to attend to me , brief me through what plans he had for me that day , I know , it's gonna be wonderful . 

I was so excited to get things
done because he's gonna perform the new treatment process on me that arrived just 2 days ago & my hair is gonna go FULL BLACK . But then before everything else , I was kinda skeptical about having black hair . Because we all know black hair tends to come off as boring . But I AM DEAD WRONG . Check out how Jeft managed to transform from the above to this below just with their new treatment

So now here's exactly the question . What treatment did J7IMAGE used on me which managed to give me luscious looking hair ?

is the new 6-step treatment exclusively by J7IMAGE that it targeted for people who have very dry or damaged hair . It is derived from a 5-step process called Pro-Keratin refill which creates new hair tissue which compensates to the loss of inner hair substance that is usually caused by chemical treatments . 

Our hair is then 
reinforced & strengthened with vital nutrients , the treatment also acts as a defense shield that wraps around the hair to protect it from possible external damage , hence achieving hair that is more healthy , strong and resistant .

Cheryl treating my hair :D

During the treatment , 
a scientific process takes place and combines all the essential major components of hair fibre which are the content of the treatment that restores damaged hair at it's best . It also penetrates the cuticle to fill up the fragile areas to repair our hair and promotes hair reparation , enhances cuticle cohesion and even protects the inner hair fibre ! 

The treatment is enriched with
nutrients aims to reconstruct , moisturize and nourish our hair for a more supple , shiny & vital look .
And you may ask , how sure are you that our hair absorbs the nutrients ? Here comes the use of a steam pod which seals in nourishment from the treatment . And FYI - it does not damage our hair . 

So why do this
treatment at J7IMAGE ? Because J7 provides the NANO step via the Nano Mist machine : 

Andy using the Nano Mist machine on me & I swear he's so amusing !
The nano mist opens up our hair 
cuticles hence able to absorb nutrients better and even repairs . It is again , able to moisturize our hair . (I've blogged about Nano Mist in my FEB blog post for J7) After the nano mist step that is specially added by J7 , hair cream will be applied which is known to protect your hair from heat , hence a blow dry & styling next will not damage your hair :D

Jeft & Andy discussing about NANO KERATIN & improving it for you guys !

Don't have to be afraid of blow drying hair anymore !

J7IMAGE deserve praises !
 On a side note ,
I'm also very impressed by how J7IMAGE managed to dye my hair to full black so evenly without any parts of my hair looking any lighter . I mean as you can see , I used to have bleached and light colored hair . But they covered it up so evenly ...

Loving my new black hair that is now smooth & super healthy looking :D !

And now , for the treat
that you guys have been waiting for , thank you for being such an attentive reader & only exclusively for you : 

Yes ! As usual , quote my name or present my blog page on your phone upon payment for a 20% off !!!! :D

The steam pod & nano mist machine as seen ♥ Seriously love my hairstylists !

 14 Scotts Road 
 #02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213 
P/S : They are closed on the 7th of every month
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For more information , you may visit
their website at www.j7image.com . Now hurry call J7IMAGE
up to secure an appointment with them ASAP - 6735 5195 ! The launch of this new treatment , NANO KERATIN would most likely launch next week

Ending this blog post with my awesome hairstylist , Jeft :D