Thursday, 20 March 2014

The video week !

Omgggggggggggggggg .
Finally finally finally . I mean , most of the time all of us would have a YouTube account but we simply just wouldn't use it right ? However , because I joined CNOS3 & since I've always wanted to start using my YouTube account for vlogs etc , I finally did ! YAY HAHHAHA .

So here's my 'first' ever
official YouTube video I made just 2 days ago , feel free to have a good laugh at me HAHAHA :

HAHAHA so yup !
I promise I'll be making more YouTube videos in the future , in fact I already can't wait to do more ! I mean all of you are so kind to me & I'm so grateful ♥___♥ hehe . And darlings , please support me in CNOS okay ?! HAHAHA . You can subscribe to my YouTube channel at 'Chrysan Lee' or click HERE

Anyway on a side note ,
I'm damn annoyed now because a pimple grew on my cheek & it's so ugly and aaarghhhhh so frustrating ! How am I supposed to go out and look good with a ugly pimple on the cheek ?! So back to topic , the other day I filmed the first ever episode of MWCP ( Mid Week Chill Pill ) with MousetrapTV :D 

So I reached 
the MRT station first before everyone else & carrying all my makeup in one bag . Because on that day , Grace and I is gonna film the 'No Mirror Makeup Challenge' for Mid Week Chill Pill ! However Aurelia & Lindsay also joined us for filming that day ! While texting with Lindsay , she just suddenly send me a picture of this : 

She's so funny ! 
Then not long later , she reached & both of us was stoning at the ID photo booth waiting for the rests to come :

Poser Lindsay ! I told her I'm taking a picture and she's posing straight away , Professional hor !

After a LONG LONG time , Aurelia finally
reached :@ AARGH AURELIA WHY YOU ALWAYS MAKING ME WAIT HAHAHHA . So once all of us gathered , we headed to a nearby mall for coffee bean breakfast together ^^ !

Bloggers are always bloggers , taking pictures of food including myself . HAHAHAH only Grace didn't take ! All of us didn't had makeup on so sorry guys that I put up this picture :p

I actually took a picture
of Grace but I guess I wouldn't put it up , or else she'll say , "Chrysan why you put my picture up ?! SO ugly !!!!" - When in actual fact , without makeup , GOT NO DIFFERENCE WHEN SHE HAS MAKEUP ON . 

Boss and some of the managers hahahahha all hiding from my camera :@
After breakfast , we headed
down to film MWCP YAY !!!! Where Grace & I goes bare faced to do the 'No Mirror Makeup Challenge' ! Of course , I cannot deny that I look so extremely ugly without makeup but please bear with my face ! Hahahahha . I'm damn scared you guys would just unfollow me and dislike me after looking at my face without makeup . Omg if it happens that'll be so sad . 

Anyway , I'm really sad right now 
because YouTube took down our episode which was launched not long ago and it already garnered 1.4k views and so much positive feedback and comments .............. sigh . But now it's up again and I've linked it below so please check it out and help to share this time round alright , thank you so so much guys

But anyway if 
you're wondering what is MWCP and how Grace and I fair in this competition against each other , MWCP episode 1 is already up !!!! You can watch it here below : 

HAHAHHA yes that's me doing
the introduction and my stupid smug look thinking I would win . But I feel it's always better to let loose to have more fun than to constantly minding how I look on screen ..... right :D ? Also , you can cast your vote and tell us who did a better job by dropping your comment at MousetrapTV's channel ! 


Even though I know I did
a lot worst then Grace ............ HAHAHHA just kidding la , give your genuine votes ! And comment if you would like (; And I'm also very glad to receive amazing feedback from you guys about MWCP , makes me happy when I know I made you guys smile !

So yeap , 
stay tuned for the next episode of MWCP next Wednessday ♥ !
Hmmmmmm and I'm thinking I would also probably be activating my Dayre soon , so yeap as usual my user is : ChrysanLee ! 

Ending this blog post with
a video of my March hairdo by J7IMAGE :