Sunday, 23 March 2014

CNOS3 Briefing !

Guess what ? 
Hahaha yesterday , I got to meet all the very friendly & gorgeous contestants for CNOS version 3.0 ! I'm just completely taken aback by all of them being so gorgeous ♥_♥ though , I cannot deny that I do sense that bit of jealousy in me HAHAHHA . But it's really nice getting to know some of them :D 

Charlie Brown Cafe looks so cute ♥_
I reached Charlie Brown Cafe
pretty early and no one was there yet , so I waited . I felt pretty nervous on meeting the rests of the contestants since well ........ I'm not sure if I would even fit in ! But it went alright after meeting some of them hehe . Charlie Brown Cafe also served all of us drinks and had so much fun & laughter because the emcee is simply just amazing ! 

Oh , and did I say
that when they serve us drinks , I placed my straw into the cup upside down ): ? HAHAHHA it was so embarrassing and I didn't realize till I was gonna finish the drink .... I don't think anyone even noticed HAHAH

Hey Smexy what you looking at ? HAHAHHA Smexy was the first person I got to know since he was the second to arrive :D

Tried to take a picture with those whom I was sitting with that day but ............ HAHAHHA

Some of the pretty girls & with Qiuqiu cameo-ing at the back hahaha

With Dawn

And never in my life have I thought that I would be able to take a picture with Qiuqiu ! ♥_
I mean I always love
her because she's so humble ......... Not to mention , she's extremely friendly & optimistic based on how she portrays herself . It's motivating to read her posts and I'd always be smiling because she's so humorous ! So glad she's one of  the judges & also the mentor ! Also did I say I can't wait to meet blogger Maureen & Sheila already ?! 

OH & Qiuqiu even gave all
of us gifts ! I picked out a pink Hello Kitty file which I loveeeeeeeeeeee : 

Also this tag was given to me & now I'm officially a part of #CNOS3 and being granted the permission to film in Cineleisure (:

Just before the briefing ends , 
I got to know who I'm grouped with (which is entirely not up to us & was already arranged) ! 
So ready ? I'm grouped with .................................... 

Left to right : Tselyn & Shufeng !

 Hahahah yeap yeap , 
so I would be working with them for the next 2 challenges ^^ ! After the briefing , Luna , Smexy & I went off to Nihon Mura for lunch since we've been starving since morning lol ! 

HMMMMMMMMM ♥_♥ Luna and I went crazy over salmon sashimi LOL seriously we love it .

Fried Tofu which both Luna & Smexy doesn't appreciate :@

Solo picture of Smexy HAHAHHAHA . He is SO FUNNY .

Not sure what he sees HAHHAHA

Fun fact : Did you know Luna laughs like she's hyperventilating ? HAHHAHA all of us had such a good laugh !

We love to talk . Pretty much summarizes how we were hahahhah
After having awesome
lunch at Nihon , I headed off to Starbucks to meet Shufeng and Tselyn :D !

Ugly shot of myself credit to Shufeng HAHAHHA

From Shufeng's camera ! HAHAHA so lazy I didn't bother to photoshop myself . I was talking to Alandrea on the phone at that point hahaha
Shufeng was so nice !
She accompanied me for Frolick until Alandrea reached Cineleisure and we had so much fun :D Hadn't seen Alandrea for such a long long time ♥ and there she is taking a picture of me with my camera below hahahha :

Me looking at YouTube videos hahahha oh yes my YouTube account is now officially gonna be actively used @ChrysanLee !

So yeap !
It was a really fulfilling day (: I had my doubts before meeting the contestants honestly ... fearing that all of them would be all competitive and unfriendly . But I'm dead wrong . I can already feel the happiness and how making new friends truly wouldn't harm . It's gonna be a very very meaningful journey ^^ 

I'm also ending this blog
post and dedicating this space to those who supports me all these while with some screen shots taken from my ask.fm/chrysanlee . The answers on my ask.fm pretty much summarizes how I feel :

Honestly ,
I'm very very grateful towards EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who's supporting . My family who's very supportive , my friends (even those whom I didn't talk about CNOS to) , and those who hardly even know me . I mean , I will never take these things for granted . In my eyes , it's extremely valuable mostly because those who support you , didn't have to , neither do they need to tell you . So glad to have all of you supporting me , I cannot express how happy I am every single time I receive a little short shoutout from you guys whether on askfm or social media . It's good to know you guys are really there for me . Love you guys