Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Local Heroes Sales !

Hello guys ! 
If you had seen this poster on our social media platform , you would know exactly what I'll be talking about . Last Saturday I had a booth in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard's Basement 1 for my #CNOS3 Challenge #3 , 'Local Heroes presented by YONO FLASHPAY' . Basically my team mates , Zhiyan , Suanyee and I were given a booth & the Yono Flashpay card to be used for buying the items we wanna sell in order to raise funds for the SPCA . 

#OOTD hahahaha

All the CNOS3 contestants drew lots 
for the booth & I got the one directly in front of BFF . We had to shop the items we wanna sell & set up the booth within 2 hours ! Honestly , I felt we were able to complete the crazy shopping within the time limit isn't just because we tried to be quick . But because we shopped with the Yono Flashpay card : 

Yes , I love the Yono Flashpay card ! 
Why ? Because I didn't had to bring any cash to shop , neither do I need to enter any sort of pin . All I have to do is just tap and go ! It was so easy and fast to purchase the items that shopping was made sooooooo much more easier for me . Not to mention , you can use this card in almost every shop ! 

Mind you , the Yono Flashpay card
not only allows you to do cashless shopping , you can also use it from your train/bus rides , dining , entertainment to leisure activies . It also gives you perks & privileges ! It's so convenient that just one card is able to cater to all your needs (;


Just tap and go with Yono Flashpay (;

Shops approve of Yono Flashpay :D

We shopped mostly at
Bead street , Femmex , Minikin & Becky Berry ! And I'm surprised by how affordable everything are . We quickly got back to set up our booth with the handpicked items that we're selling and tadaaaaaaaaaaa !

We kept our booth
simple & clean with the price tags so it would be easier for the customers to browse our items without having to constantly ask how much an item cost . And when each customer leaves , my team mates and I double check that the items are neat & in place for the next customer that decides to browse or purchase !

We sold items ranging from
beauty , assorted accessories , caps & even clothes ! I also prepared free sweets for people & gave out two limited edition hello kitty for people who purchased from me as seen below :


The event got so hyped up that
it caught almost everyone's attention in the mall that day ! Besides my constant shouting out on my social media platforms , I also have to thank the amazing emcee , Soowei . She did a great job on hyping up the crowd , I love her ! :

With emcee , Soowei

The crowd started to come in & can I say the free candies were 
the one that were gone really fast ? Hahahha , just kidding ! My best sale was actually the accessories :D And here's a instavideo to show you roughly how it was like that day if you missed it : 

In a nutshell , 
I really enjoyed myself so much during the event , especially when I get to work with all the CNOS3 contestants to raise funds for SPCA makes me feel really contented and happy . Not to mention , I love the feeling of being able to encourage the other contestants for their sales . I didn't profit the most , but I truly felt joy where all of us could work hard together . It wouldn't be so satisfying & fulfilling without the support of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard , the sponsors , SPCA , NETS FLASHPAY , many others & of course you guys who came to support . 

Ending this blog post with
pictures taken with some people who came down to support me ♥ 

Thank you everyone
I hope to see you again soon for the finale at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard this coming Saturday !