Thursday, 17 April 2014

Badass nails

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I've been dying to share my experience with my new nail sponsor , Mynte Fingers since the first time I went there few days back ! And guess what ? There will be a CRAZY promotion and discount code for you guys in this blog post (; Especially if you wanna have Gelish at $10 !

Mynte Fingers is a friendly
& professional home salon by a really wonderful owner , Mynt . Mynt has 4 years of experience in nail art etc & has sponsored many celebrity bloggers & I'm lucky to get my nails done by her ! 

At first I felt afraid heading to 
a home salon , but after having my first visit , I take my hat off to Mynt ! Getting your nails done is one of the most relaxing activities ever , so to me comfort is number 1 , followed up by professionalism and skills . 

Within less than a
few minutes , I was happily chatting away with Mynt already ! She's a very friendly & talented owner and uses professional gelish kit which costs about $400 , which is a huge comparison to the outside $40 kind lol . The gelish machine she uses is also much more faster than the mainstream kind & saves a lot of time for both you & Mynt !

 And since I can get my nails done
 twice a month with her , I decided that this time , I will go for something more badass
 that I've NEVER tried & here goes :

Mynt had designed each finger according to my liking , from the sexy emoticon to diamonds , dope , the f word & the crosses !

Mynt is REALLY meticulous
with all the details I asked for , not to mention , a very attentive person ! Even till the end , she still fixes my nails a little bit here & there and I asked her why , she said "I make sure the nails are all nicely done before my customers leave , otherwise I'd feel uneasy !" A tad bit of a perfectionist , but that's exactly what we , customers ask for :D 

Besides , I love it when she 
helps me remove my damaged & dry cuticles from my nails , super comfy ♥_♥ ! 

Bronze cross

I know many of you
will be asking , so how much is this how much is that , how do I book an appointment with Mynt etc etc , no worries because I'll be telling everything you need to know here ! 

Price list of Mynte Fingers : 

Well , I'm not sure what's each and everyone of you guys' market rate because I believe everyone has their best rates out there . However , I do know that this is by far the cheapest I found , WITH quality work & service ! 

The next thing I'm about to
say will blow your mind . Because Mynte Fingers is actually having a promotion now where Express Gelish manicures are going at ONLY $15 !!!!!!!!! OMG AND GUESS WHAT ? If you quote my name upon payment , you'll get $5 off your total bill ! Which means , Express Gelish with Mynt will only cost you $10 ! 

CRAZY CHEAP RIGHT ? I was still asking Mynt if she's ok hahahahha

So yeap , 
if you wish to book an appointment or any queries , feel free to reach Mynt at 
8444 0406 (WhatsApp ONLY) OR email her at myntefingers@hotmail.sg ! They are located at Yishun ave 11 , Blk 427 . WORTH THE TRIP ♥ ! 

Also do follow
Mynte Fingers on Instagram at @myntelicious or read their blog at myntefingers.blogspot.sg !
 (I personally read it as well , it's quite interesting to be reading it in perspective of a nail salon owner hehe) 

Thank you sooooooooooo much , Mynt for
the pretty nails I now own & being so warm and welcoming towards me , handling my nails with much effort and care . I can't wait for the next visit already ♥ ! 

Still staying around ? 
HAHAHA then watch the instavideo below for a clearer view of my nails :

Great day ahead guys , share the love around (;