Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Friday !

I know it isn't Good Friday anymore since I'm blogging right now at ........ yes 1.32AM but I really can't think of a title for this blog post so technically I'm just making use of the fact that it was Good Friday when in actual fact I'm just too dumb to think of any blog title hahahaha (P/S: Blogging about how I spent my Good Friday all the way at the bottom of this blog post !)

So anyway , 
I guess it was about a week ago that I went down to Mousetrap's office for a bit of filming with them and there I met one of my favorite Mousetrap girls , Brenda ♥ ! Seriously , I cannot express how much I love her (and yes Lindsay do not get jealous HAHAHA) , we clicked soooooo easily & comfortably like there's 0 barriers between us . Can I just say we fell in love with each other like , love at first sight ? LOL 

And the funny thing is , 
we both actually wanted to talk to each other before we even met .... and when we confessed we went like , "OMG HI 5 !!!" so below are just pictures of us that day , major spam :

Unglam enough , yes . But the worst picture of me that day is actually all the way at the bottom later HAHAHA

And then , 
with cheerleader Ellena , aka the one who can't speak Chinese at all . It was sooooooooo funny that day cuz after we're done filming , for some reason I just wanted Ellena to speak in Chinese and I videoed it down on my phone for a good whole 9 minutes & everyone was laughing like mad . You'll never be able to imagine how funny she is when she speaks Chinese !

Apparently , 
I'm still in a dilemma about whether I should upload that video , or save it till when if one day , I happen to be in some tiff with her and need to threaten her so the video I own would come in good use LOL .

We posed for these pictures
because Ellena kept stealing the choco biscuits in Mousetrap's office and kept telling me it tastes awesome and urged me to try when she caught me eying on it .  And what comes out of my mouth next was , "Ellena , you the ambassador for the biscuits is it ? Or promoter ?" Super cute la she !!!

Honestly ,
the choco biscuits are really nice , NO JOKE .  And before you know it , I guess you just saw what I mentioned earlier in this blog post , the ultimate most unglamorous picture of that day below HAHAHHA ELLENA CAUGHT ME STUFFING THE WHOLE BISCUIT INTO MY MOUTH LA :

Ok super ugly . 
And I used to be soooooooo self conscious about how I look like in the pictures I post online thinking that whoever sees it will leave and dislike me because I'm ugly . But after Mousetrap put up the first episode of MWCP of me without makeup etc ............ I'm immune to it HAHHAHA . Not that I no longer care about how I look , I still do , but it's just I realize that people would still be with me as long as I'm being me . (Does it make sense ?) 

I also realize
people wouldn't like anyone who constantly tries to hide their true character online , not to mention , people who tries so hard into 'carving' a type of persona & putting it out there for others to see as if it's really them ... When I know is not true anyway -_________- 

Anyway just wanted to
share how my real Good Friday went ! So in the morning , I prepared for school , headed down and realized THERE'S NO CLASS . WTF . I'm dumb enough HAHAHAHHA . Thank god I stay SUPER near my school , it's only 10 minutes away if you choose to walk . So I walked back home feeling like a retard , crashed on my bed and decided to take a half face selfie hahaha : 

After resting for awhile ,
I headed out to meet my friend for lunch ! I got lucky today because my friend brought me to D'zerts Cafe (I LOVE CAFES) and I got myself tomato based spaghetti with chicken sausage and strawberry tea ! 

I was taken aback 
when I realized the spaghetti is really pretty darn good . I THOUGHT when they major in desserts , the main courses would only be mediocre ... but it turned out to be really tasty _♥ ! And being my usual glutton self , I wanted to try their waffles too ..... but instead , we headed off to The Ice Cream Shop !

Yummmmmmmmmz , sweet treats ! 

Depending on my mood , 
I sometimes love savoring awesome desserts indoor or outdoor . And today , I had both ! I just have this habit (not sure if it's considered as a habit) but , I'm very particular about what food I have and the kind of ambiance it's environment gives me ... I love having good food in the exact kind of ambiance I want at a certain point of time depending on how I feel . 

The kind of feeling it returns
back to you after spending a good chilling day at a cafe or enjoying good food is so freaking satisfying aaargh I can't even . I just love chilling and spending time around cafes so much ... And if the weather happens to be windy or cold , outdoor feels the best , with a cup of hot chocolate/vanilla/tea . HAHAHA ok I'm soooooooo engrossed into this topic I didn't even realized I typed so much . Long winded Chrysan *rolls eye* how can anyone ever stand me ? 

Back to my Good Friday
topic , I took pictures of my #ootd right after I got home ! Was really exhausted and had to wait till my camera's battery to be fully charged .. which is why I posted my ootd really late today as seen below : 

Beanie I wore in this picture
is actually I gift from my friend , I love it SO YUP !
I hope all of you had a 'Good Friday' as well ♥ ! I'm actually really curious what you guys did today . Because initially I thought I wouldn't be doing anything today ... does everyone really go out and make full use of a public holiday & have something interesting to do ? Or had it planned before hand ? Cuz I don't and I feel like a loser HAHHAA . Ok blog post ending now for real , SUPER HUNGRY !