Thursday, 24 April 2014

Variety King !

Hiiiiiiiiii hahahha .
Super in the mood to blog so I thought I would just blog about how my filming with Variety King went ! Been soooooooo sick recently I'm really pretty 'sick' of it lol . It's annoying isn't it ? To fall sick so often it's like a once a month routine kinda thing . Sigh . I hope I can recover faster aaaargh . 

So one day before
filming with Variety King , Lindsay and I headed out to Bugis to do some mini shopping ♥ ! And if I'm not wrong , she was the one waiting for me to arrive LOL . Cuz I always complain to her how it sucks to always be the early one , waiting for people to arrive etc .... HAHAHA SORRY LINDSAYYYYY . She even took my #ootd shot for me that day ! :

Lindsay and I

We went shopping all around , 
walked in & out of shops but didn't get bored a single bit . It's really way better to hang out with people who doesn't constantly think about how others look at them and hanging out with her felt so carefree just like how I do with my 3 other close friends (: 

In the shop also can take photos HAHAHHA

LOL I look like the Chinese saying that goes , "Si San Ba Zhuang Ke Ai" HAHAHA

After walking around Bugis , 
we decided to settle down somewhere nice to just chit chat etc . We settled down for Berrylite in Bugis + , a place where they serve really nice yogurt & pudding . Went there once before with my BFF ♥ 

Mine - plain yogurt with I really don't know what are those black balls but it tastes nice and sounds really vulgar HAHAHA

Lindsay's super big cup of yogurt la hahahha
By evening , 
Lindsay went off to meet her boyfriend while I went to meet my eldest sis with her husband to have dinner , some Korean BBQ food hahaha omg I swear I had so much that day my stomach nearly exploded . Just look at my sis' husband :


#MouthfulOfFood #NotGivingUp

Pretty fulfilling & simple day ! 
So of course , the next day I had filming with the Variety King girls - Amanda , Grace , Ellena & Parisa ♥ ! Lindsay & I joined them for one of their episodes as special guests that day ^^ 
And again , Lindsay helped me took my #ootd that day :

Lindsay , Ellena & I wore platforms that day unplanned ! #KopedThisFromLindsay'sInstagramHAHA
It was my first time
meeting Ellena that day and I swear I love her so much . At first I thought you would be some dao and arrogant bitch but she's completely different from what I thought and I'm glad I met her anyway ♥ We had so much photos taken in her camera ! ELLENA HOI WHERE ARE OUR PICTURES , SURRENDER THEM NOW :@ 

Funny thing is , 
I kept calling her like 'Ee-ley-na' but it's actually pronounced as 'Air-ler-Ner' (ignore the Rs) like the very elegant way or something I don't know omg I'm so blunt hahahah . Aargh so hard can I just insert a audio here ?! 

On a side note , 
seriously . Why isn't there audio tweets etc ? That would be so cool lol .

Left to right : Me , Lindsay Ellena

Hi to Parisa who suddenly pops up behind us , every single time we meet , we be like "omg I miss your nonsense asshole" HAHAHA

Left to right : Parisa , Grace , me , Lindsay & Ellena :D

Pictures are where memories stay

It was really
pretty tiring to shoot the whole day with the Variety King girls , I salute them !! Can't really tell you guys how it went so when the episode comes out then more exciting ma right LOLOL . Anyway at the end of the day , I had to shower & had dinner at the location sponsor , we had a room just for the bloggers !

Left to right : Me with towel still wrapped around my wet hair , Lindsay & Amanda !

Eat eat eat all she does is eat . And love me hahahaha

Yummmz sibei ho jiak HAHAHA . Was super hungry already k !!!!

 Stayed around for a bit
after a whole day shoot & went home for a goodnight sleep ♥_
Next day , woke up & headed out to get some personal filming work done , quick meet up with my friend and had ice cream & waffles together ♥ ! 

Love it ♥ !
After which , I shopped a bit
of BBQ food and got my sister a cake & met my bro at Simei MRT and went off together to meet my family at Changi Rise for my sister's advance birthday celebration , yes BBQ !  

Birthday girl ♥ - I still owe her one .
Had BBQ carrots , omg I love them !!!
Never knew they would taste sooooooooo good ! Reminds me of a commercial tagline , any idea what brand is that ? Is it KFC or burger king ? HAHHA I really can't remember . 

 Yeap that's a picture of me being
all greedy and gluttony hahahha . Ok guess that's about itttttttttt , days all good besides falling sick . School & filming My Lunch Wagon tomorrow with MousetrapTV ♥ ! Received good news today , bro booked out too , really happy hehe . Goodnight guys love you all !!!