Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm in love

Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
As the title suggests , am I really in love ♥_♥ ? Everybody be like , "OMG CHRYSAN DID YOU FINALLY GET YOURSELF A BF ?" Like no. HAHAHA but seriously , I'm in love . In love with a kind apparel sponsor that decided to sponsor my outfits in my very own show , 'My Lunch Wagon' :D ! 

When I received
the news that I'll be able to choose & pick out outfits for my upcoming show , I was thrilled ! I mean , having a renowned web store brand to sponsor & allowing you to pick sets of outfits you like is already a HUGE privilege . Not to mention , the price of each unique piece you pick , didn't matter O_O 

Oops did I already spoil the excitement ? Yes , it's LALALAND ! As much as I love receiving parcels from online shopping , I hate waiting too ... So I really didn't wanna pick something online and having the hassle to wait for my outfits to arrive & not knowing if the clothes would even fit me well .

But ... GUESS WHAT ?!
LALALAND actually have their latest collections all at Space Invasion (a retail store) located at The Cathay mall ! MEANING , I didn't even have to wait for parcels to arrive etc and I can just pick out outfits that entice me ON THE SPOT knowing if it fits me , how the material feels like , how to piece different tops and bottoms together to create different looks & being able to try their clothes (; 

 I picked out 2 sets
of outfit & wore them for filming the other day with MousetrapTV , both caters to 2 different kind of looks , so here's outfit 1 :

Both the top & bottom
are from LALALAND & picked by me . I pieced these 2 top & bottom together because it gives a really casual look that I love & it is something that I wear often ! And if you follow my social media close enough , you would had known I really love pullovers ♥_♥ 

 I'm so attracted to
the small details of the pullover , the delicate lace adds a soft touch to the whole outfit ! To complete the look , I wanted a bold color for the bottom that is in contrast with the white pullover . I was in a dilemma between black or maroon & as you can see , I chose maroon because it's sexier in my opinion HAHHAHAHAA

I wasn't expecting to find anything that would fit me well as I'm extremely petite . But to my surprise , I didn't even have to alter my bottoms after getting it not because it's small sizing but because most of their bottoms are adjustable like OMFGBBQ YAY !!!!

Here's outfit 2 :

I chose a dress
for my second outfit from LALALAND because I wanted something different from what I usually wear . And what can be a better choice than a vintage floral dress :D ? I'm shocked at how comfy it feels when I wore this ♥_♥ !!!! 

I cannot express how
comfortable it is when I wear this dress , it is double layered where inside , it is made of a very comfortable & skin fitting material . In other words , it's like wearing a silk cushion LOLOLOL . I'm serious ! 

For this look , 
I feel it is more towards the girly side and according to Alicia who just shouted after seeing me in this dress went like , "OMG CHRYSAN YOU SUDDENLY LOOK SO DEMURE !" HAHAHA shy you know .

It's good to
try out different type of styles once in awhile , which is more refreshing for people when they meet you ! I realized that trying out different type of clothes is like experimenting with what suits you best . However , there's a saying that goes , "世上没有丑女人 , 只有懒女人" !

What I'm trying to say is , 
if you put in effort into trying different styles & piecing different apparels together , you'll always look good ! UNLESS , you're lazy .

 So that day LALALAND
went to restock their rack of clothes at Space Invasion with their latest collections & I noticed that their clothes caters to everyone ! (MAJOR YAY) because they've a variety of clothes ranging from edgy , wild , girly , casual , vintage to cute ! It's rare to find all sorts of styles in one web store - LALALAND .

They have so many types
of clothes to choose from , I was dying that day ..... Dying to bring everything home ! But I was only allowed to pick out another 2 sets . So this time , I go for something classy & elegant ! I haven't worn them out for a whole day shoot yet but here's a sneak peek just for you guys : 

Anyway I really love both the top & bottom above because I love tops that has very clean & precise cutting which often gives a classier look and did you know the pleated skirt I'm wearing like above is actually one of the season's strongest trends now according to the Cosmo magazine ?! I feel like I own a diamond now la !!!

I also super love 
this outfit above ♥ !!!! I feel like I can go on a fashion runway with this outfit HAHAH ok kidding I'm not good enough but the clothes are . Black & white are such strong contrast you can never go wrong with them ! To me , the best part about this outfit is the three quarter sleeves & how this top can be tightened at the waist with a belt that comes along with it !!! 

In case if you're
wondering whether the skirt has shorts in them , yes they do ! Super safe :D 
I noticed that LALALAND 's clothes are all made of very good quality & thick material . I mean , it just makes me feel safe & comfortable in them ! Can I say it makes me feel rich too ? HAHAHA and if you think they are expensive , N.O.P.E ! LALALAND's clothes are actually really really cheap & affordable . You should really take a look !

I'll update this blog post
with more pictures of the above 2 outfits when I wear them out the next few days ! OMG I just realized that not only do they sell clothes , they recently also launched a new range of awesome looking shades :D !

Their shades look super chic , I know it because 
I'm privileged enough to own one by them ! So meanwhile ,
 I have a sweet treat for all of you and that is .......... *drum roll plz* HAHAHA it's a giveaway ! LALALAND will be giving away a pair of shades , exactly like the one I now own below : 

This pair of Chain Reaction shades
in pink actually comes along with a chain (matching color) and can be attached to your shades as and when you like so you wouldn't lose them when you wear it ♥ !

If you wanna stand a chance to win ,
simply wait for the instructions when I shout out about it on my Instagram tomorrow & of course more details of the shades will be up too :D ! Super lucky ah all of us !!! Thank you LALALAND for all the pretty clothes ♥_♥ I'm sooooooo in love with it ! I'll be a fashion disaster without them HAHAHHA . Ok since I'm done sharing with you guys all the good stuffs like LALALAND & their giveaway , I'm gonna go eat my waffles now , bye girls , dress up & look good !!!!

For your convenience purposes : They are @lalalandsg on Instagram & click HERE for their Facebook page