Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Video diaries !!

Yeap that's a morning selfie 
2 days back where I headed to school without even sleeping . Which is probably gonna happen again today considering that I've school in a few hours time and I'm still here blogging tsk !! I don't even know why my body clock is soooooo screwed and why I always feel like blogging at the weirdest time . 

I was awake the whole
of that night and I thought I would just plan what to wear to school & Vivo so #OOTD shots that was taken by my dear Lindsay hahahha : 

Top : KSL in Malaysia , Denim Jacket : F21 , bottoms : petite section in F21 & Holographic clutch : some random blogshop that I can't remember .

Ok random side note , 
I just went to cook myself honey oatmeal , I'm sooooo sad there's no strawberries to go along with it and who the fuck ate my cup noodles )': !!! And what if I'm become so engrossed with my post right now that I forget that I'm cooking my oats /: ? 

Ok back to post . 

After school my friend ,  Justin
was nice enough to come all the way to my place to help me carry all my barang barang to Vivo T_T omg thank you !!! I had to carry quite a amount of things which I deem as heavy so yea hahaha . Thank you Justin ! Whom , by the way is my ex boyfriend 4 years ago hahaha :

By the time I reached Vivo , 
I just wanna quickly meet Lindsay and get my things done because I was sooooooooooo tired my eyes were already half closed ! I can't even feel my eyes opening hahaha but it also happens to be the day where some of my girls are over at Sentosa and they were expecting me . So they told Lindsay to send me this video of them : 

 I swear I repeated this a few times 
even till today because it is so fucking cute & sweet !!!! Makes me feel so loved or at least to me (': I love you girls & appreciate it so much !!! And fml I went to check on my oats and it overflowed ):  It's not done yet though . Hahaha . Ok so anyway in the end I still didn't join them but Lindsay came over to Vivo to find me ! 

She took more OOTD shots for me : 

And then for some reasons
we started taking LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES HAHAHA . But before I start spamming a whole lot of pictures here in this post , I've made my first video diary ever ! I posted one on my Instagram last night , posting another one on it today . Even made a OOTD version too ! But I'm gonna post it all here first ! 


Yes that's all !
Hahaha do let me know if I should make more of these videos :D 
So time for pictures !!!!

"No don't goooooooooooo" hahahahaha

Ok !!!!! Finished posting all , 
crazy amount hahahha . I love all the photos where we laid down to take it because I didn't even have to edit the lighting yay !!! Sunlight is the best lighting when you take outdoor pictures :D Oh yez so after all the photo taking , we headed off to Coffee Bean and found the perfect spot to sit down just to do some editing with both our laptops on the table . 

I love love love major love Coffee Bean's hot vanilla !!!

After awhile , the rest
of the MT girls came to accompany both Lindsay and I for awhile and then they all headed back home while we stayed till about 9plus 10 at night ? Haha can't really remember . By night I started sneezing and shit , feeling all cold & felt like I was falling sick ): 

That's where I'm thankful
I brought my jacket that day : 

Thank you my dear jacket , for keeping me warm like how a caring sweet boyfriend would

Once we're done
with all the editing work , I got home and quickly tied all my hair up and fuck it feels so freaking good for a moment that it totally beats the feeling of how you remove your bra after a long day out HAHAHHA . Weird description but yes that was how great it felt for me . 

Hahaha yeap that's about it :D !
Ending this blog post with my oatmeal which was JUST done . Can't believe it took so long to cook . Change of plans , didn't add honey into it because I added sugar and it tasted alright :

Doesn't look very appetizing but I 
kinda like the 'chaoda' (burnt) taste that comes along with it LOLOL please do not give me cancer . But it looks as if some bitch just ate more than half of my oats during the process of cooking . There was a large portion before I boil it and now , so little left ): Confirm hungry again later .

Question : Since I didn't sleep for the whole night , would my body accept the oats as supper or breakfast ?