Sunday, 8 June 2014

Read till the end !

I'm actually blogging
at a really awkward place right now (in my opinion) . I mean , it's a place that is out of my comfort zone since I usually ALWAYS blog at home or when I'm out with Mousetrap so ......... guess where am I now ? HAHAHA . 

Ok la I'm at Bedok Mall's 
Starbucks now T_T !! Time check , it's 9.40PM (7th June) and I'm with Lindsay cause she's gonna help me edit some videos which involves a giveaway for you guys so stay tuned !!! And I'm just sitting around like I've nothing to do so I decided to blog ! 

I slept really really late/'early' ,
like 9am this morning lolol and woke up at 3pm .... I've no idea why I couldn't sleep last night but it definitely feels horrible ! But before I sleep this morning , I had already prepared what to wear today so here it is , just taken a few hours ago ! 

Today's #OOTD : Necklace at 4SGD from Taiwan , Basic crop top from H&M (only $7.90 I think ??) , Skirt at 4SGD from Taiwan & Shoes at $7 from Taiwan too hehe . Taiwan is a good place to shop !! Not to mention bag is sponsored by @lalalandsg !!

Got myself yogurt :D

Ok time check : 10.09PM , I suggested
to leave Starbucks and go have dinner somewhere cause I'm starving !!! Haven't even had my breakfast yet ): Shall continue this blog post later when I'm home :D

AH OMG ????
It's actually already 8th June 10:04PM now that I'm gonna continue this blog post !
Hahaha so here's what happened after we left for dinner . We headed to some hawker and had carrot cake which sucked so I barely ate and headed back home !

It was already around
midnight by then but being the 'night owl' as always , I was chit chatting with my siblings till probably around 3am ?? Then we all watched 'The Internship' together and it's such a great movie !!!! By 630am this morning my sister and I headed out to have breakfast together and by the time I could sleep , it was already 9am ! So guess what ... I woke up around 7pm just now LOLOL I'm sorry ):

Now that I'm sitting
down in my room with the air conditioner switched on with good music , it feels soooooooooo good to just blog in this kind of environment . Except , to feel a little lonely . Let me just take a quick picture and upload it here :

HAHA yes okay fast and furious hahahaha .

But initially I started
this blog post also because I wanna share 2 things that I'm very happy about ♥ !!!!
Number 1 : 'My Lunch Wagon' , a cafe hopping show that is hosted by Lindsay , Alicia & I is up on MousetrapTV (www.mousetraptv.com) already yay !!!!!! 

Catch the first episode of My Lunch Wagonhere featuring 'Working Title' : 

For every episode of 
My Lunch Wagon , there will always be a special character and for the first episode as seen above , it is Lindsay as the bookworm ! 

And number 2 : 'You're Single For A Reason' , the video from Wah!Banana
where I was in it as a guest star has since hit over 1 million views !!!!! I'm so so happy & grateful for all the opportunities I'm given out there ♥ So happy for Wah!Banana too !!! And being able to work with all the awesome casts are just such a enjoyable time . 

I was still telling Jason (Wah!Banana's director) 
that day after filming with them that I truly enjoyed myself ... So happy . Watch the video here if you haven't seen it yet ! : 

Hehe thank you MousetrapTV & Wah!Banana

Ending off this blog post
with some pictures taken back then when Alicia , Lindsay & I was filming for the first episode of 'My Lunch Wagon' at Working Title cafe ! 

Alicia ♥ I still remember how back then Alicia and I weren't close , but as time passes , all 3 of us became such great friends hahaha and the both of them knows most of my dirty secrets too .... HAHAHA

Also , all our pretty clothes in the episodes of My Lunch Wagon such as what I'm wearing are sponsored by @lalalandsg on Instagram !!!!! I love them

With Cheryl

Amazing coffee art (idk if that's right) by Working Title ! Except the one in the middle made with love by Lindsay to me hahahha

Part of the people who works hard behind the scenes , they're the best !!!

Cheryl you very chio here HAHAHAHHA love you

I made Cheryl take so many pictures with me hahahah

Hahaha okay imma go find something else to do right now . 
Feeling very thankful towards anybody who bothered to read till the end even though it's not the least bit interesting . Thank you