Friday, 6 June 2014


I'm feeling so so hungry right now !!! But am really happy because my bro , his girlfriend & my second sis are all with me in the living room now even though we're all doing different things ... And honestly , I'm fucking distracted while typing this because my bro & his girlfriend is watching 'Taxi Taxi' on the iPad and I can hear actor Chua Enlai talking in the movie HAHAHA it's so funny . Omg ok back to topic . 

So like I said , I'm feeling very hungry 
while editing all the pictures for an upcoming advert and halfway through , I felt like blogging ! So I looked through my photo folders on my lappy and realized there's really nothing much to blog about these days since I've been busy with studies and all but I came across food pictures ♥_♥ !!!!!

Ahhhh so love hate . 
Love - good food . Hate - I'M HUNGRY AND THERE'S NOTHING TO EAT . 
So here goes ... 

So quite some time
back when I still had black hair , I was filming at a cafe with MousetrapTV ! Coincidentally , my friend of 4 years Felicia , happens to be working there HAHAHA . She knew I was gonna be at the cafe on that day because her boss told them and ..... she prepared something for me ♥ !!!! But before anything else , my #ootd that day kindly sponsored by super awesome www.lalaland.sg :

Hehe yes !!! Felicia prepared 12 cupcakes for me ♥ ! Thank you Felicia :D Love it !!!

Ok abrupt change in topic hahahhaha . 
So let's roughly see what I did today , I headed down to J7IMAGE to get my hair styled so I can take some pictures hehe and made this instavid !!! 

Tadaaaaa : 

Hahahha they always make me
feel so satisfied about my hair !!! And when I left , they said , "Your face is at the door you know ?" and of course I went to check it out and yes poster finally !!!

I mean I know I don't look
good here nor is it a big deal , but to me it actually is HAHAHHA . Cuz how often do I get to be on a 'poster' ?! Please just let me be happy for awhile hahahaha . So I got home & today is my mom's birthday so naturally my siblings all came back . A little background info , my mom is no longer with for a few years now , she passed . So yea don't ask anymore . 

She's really really beautiful &
a total fashionista . She loves to dress up and make sure she looks good ... but during the last few years of her life , that's something she didn't get to do . SO ANYWAY ............ my dad bought a birthday cake home ! For my mom of course and we finished it up after having pizza hahaha 

Yummy ! I had to put whipped cream on top of the 2 solid cream because my eldest sister ate the cherries which were supposed to be on top and it looked soooooooooo ugly hahahha
 So when my eldest sister
and Mike is going home , we took my dog out for a walk ! In the car actually HAHAHA . 

Random puppy also taking a walk hahaha
Mean bro is mean ! Look what he did to me ):
Hahahha okay so basically that's
about all for today . STILL FEELING HUNGRY OMG WHAT CAN I DOOOOOOOOOOOO . Should I order Mac breakfast again ): ? Sigh anyway ending this blog post with a cute picture of a cat under my house void deck and it refused to 'hiu lan' (give a fuck) about me ): !!!!

I always have
problems ending my blog post ... Just saying HAHHA BYE !!!