Monday, 2 June 2014

Gathering x Bake a cake !

So in the mood
to blog right now so here's a second post of the day ! I finally met up with the #JteamGroup2 yesterday night at Sembawang , well they sang k etc but I came late so I missed it ): But Jason was really nice to help me take my #ootd HAHAHA (I) made him do it :

Left to Right : Hill , Summer , me , Chrisline & Jason !

So glad to have met
them last night even if it's just for a little while ♥ ... 
Before we all left , Ginity came to look for me & we headed down to club Dream together !

Wasn't that bad of a night , 
so she stayed over at my place , had mac breakfast , slept like a pig etc etc HAHAHA and when we woke up , we headed down to Shengshiong AND cold storage to get ingredients to bake a cake and we did !!

Not that fantastic but ,
I'm so happy it's still edible since it is my first time baking hehe . Super short blog post but yeap ending this blog post with the cup of yogurt I had today #CravingSatisfied :