Sunday, 1 June 2014


I really really wanna get my J7IMAGE blog post done first but there's still lots of things undone for it ): .... so I guess I'd just blog about last week first ! Went to Changi Rise to visit my sis and had study date there with Lindsay and Alicia ♥ !

So obviously they took
my ootd for me that day over at Changi Rise :

Hehe happy day with pretty hair by J7IMAGE ♥ 

So we started by doing
some revision after all the picture taking etc and my sister was sooooooooo nice she brought hand made pudding & cold pasta down to the study corner for us ♥_♥

THANK YOU ALICIA FOR THE UGLY SHOT . I have no idea what I was doing ........... HAHAHA
Studied till night time &
we even had 'ba zhang' while we were studying HAHAHHA :

By 10 plus at night
we finally wrap up and we were all famished ! So we headed off to Simpang Bedok Enak Enak (I think) to have breakfast/lunch/dinner ! HAHAHA by then all of us looked extremely haggard LOL

No idea what's this called since Alicia ordered it for us but it tastes SUPER GOOD . Not sure what's wrong with my camera the colors look really weird 

After which we were
already mad tired and decided to head back home while I went back to Changi Rise and stayed over & keep my sister company (: Next day evening , we met up again in Changi Rise for a swim !!! YAY SWIMMING IT'S BEEN LONG (more like playing with water yes) .

Back view shots will suffice when you don't have big boobs to flaunt HAHHAHA LOL 
After a good swim , Lindsay and I
headed back to the apartment for dinner since my sister was nice enough to cook for us and it's super tasty ♥♥♥♥ !!!!

But not sure why ,
I was really greedy that I dragged Lindsay along to iScream Cafe for round 2 ...... LOL I'm sorry forgive me for being such a glutton .

Really love the ambiance ! #ootd 

Strawberry smoothie ^^ 

Bought toppings for my waffles ! Nuts , marshmallows , wafers & chocolates ! #GREEDY

Mini macaroons at $3.50 each lol

We sat there with our food ,
cameras , laptops to blog etc and I can't deny I love this feeling . Where I can just sit down somewhere relaxing , chilling and quiet so I can do my stuffs with no pressure . What's more , being able to enjoy good food with a good friend ♥

However I was kinda
disappointed with the macaroons but other than that everything else is perfect :D
Great night , love cafes .