Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bangkok Jam !

Aargh finally get to blog
about this !!! My blogger has been having problems of loading pictures on Firefox but seems to be alright now that I'm blogging via Google Chrome instead !! If you're using Firefox to read this post and pictures are not loading , please let me know on my Ask.Fm T_T !!!

So 2 days back on Friday
I headed down to MousetrapTV's new office with the intention to help out with the packing etc , but by the time I reach there at late noon with Lindsay , there wasn't anything left to help out with anymore HAHAHA . Feeling like a 花瓶 (Vase : Standing there with nothing to do) .

We stayed there for awhile
and headed off to take some pictures for my #ootd ! Here's what I wore that day : 
3/4 sleeved crop top from H&M , shorts from Cotton On , Pink Hincky from Dr Martens & Mint colored bag from Blog Shop Festival last year ♥ 

I swear Lindsay & I
had a very very hard time looking for a nice background for my outfit around Chinatown areas . Finally we found this background behind one of the shop houses & took a few shots but once we're done , I've mosquito bites ALL OVER my legs ! It was so bad & ugly to have swollen and red marks all over sigh .

Lindsay got it on her
arms too since she was taking the pictures for me . But I've so many now and it still itch ! After all the photo taking & having disturbed by tiko peks around the area lolol , we headed off to Plaza Sing for dinner at Bangkok Jam !

Over at Bangkok Jam

Great ambiance
with soft golden lighting , feels super comfy & the decor is really cool too ! The 'traffic lights' as seen above actually changes color every 2 seconds too hehe super cute :D Not to mention , they actually do have cute looking coasters that Lindsay & I had to snatch for one particular design lol .

Lindsay checking out the menu
hehe . After ordering our food & drinks , we decided to take some pictures HAHA not some but tons of it .

Eventually I got really tired of waiting for my food but drinks are served pretty quick !!!

Got myself Thai Milk Tea 

And then finally our food arrived !!!

Chicken Phad Thai for me 

I've to say the Phad Thai
really tasted sooooooo good ! Even though I still prefer Thai Noodle House hahaha .
But yes worth trying !! Their service MIGHT be a tad bit draggy however , they've great customer services . Polite MAX .

So yeap hehe
I guess this is more of a picture post . Supposed to meet Lindsay today for awhile before I head off for my hair appointment with J7 but I woke up late so I had to cancel it ): But it's okay because Alandrea came to accompany me !!! She's toying with my camera now hahahha . Okie byeeeeeeeeeeee gonna go Instagram :D