Thursday, 22 May 2014

Boredom strikes !

Yes boredom's striking !
Really sleepy right now but I don't feel like sleeping yet so I guess I would just blog . But my previous blog post was just 3 hours ago ?! HAHAHA . Hmm so let's blog about .......... 2 days ago till now ! Went to school 2 days ago wearing a sponsored outfit by Petite Fairies ! 

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Was really energy drained
that day , had school in the morning at 830am all the way till 315pm . Crazy reminded myself many times that I've to bring my camera along to school but in the end I still forget to lol . So by 315 I was already DYING , but I made a trip back home , grabbed my camera , booked a cab and flew down to a law firm in Chinatown to meet my sisters to sign some papers ! And of course , force my sister into taking pictures for me haha . 

Later on in the evening , 
had dinner with my eldest sister & her husband at Hong Hock Eating House and ordered 奶油鸡丁饭 ♥ ! Then spent some time with T after that and since I was complaining about not having pretty photos taken before that , he took a few for me hehe : 

Thank you

Next day , accompanied my eldest sis to
Thomson Medical Center for her gynae check up ! Felt super happy for her when I heard her baby's heartbeat ♥_♥ If it feels so good for me at that point of time , I wonder how's it like for her . Moreover , baby is healthy & growing well :D 

Had prata
for breakfast at some nearby coffee shop after that & headed down to the law firm again to double check some documents . Met up with my second sister along with my eldest sis and they had burger king lolol then went home & went into a crazy emo frenzy on twitter cuz T was flying off that evening ): 

But never mind that
because I managed to send him off at the airport that day !!! Before that we even had Fish n Co HAHAHA and I ordered Earl Grey tea along with some Caramel cake . However , being a picky dessert eater , I was so disappointed with the caramel cake ): It's so '腻' after a few mouthful . I remember there's a word for it but I can't remember what but basically , it's just too much after awhile .. but looks nice anyway : 

That's just my personal
opinion though , at least it DOES tastes nice if you don't have too much of it . But surprisingly , the Earl Grey tea alone itself is great , no sugar or anything & it's good to go ! And since Lindsay lives nearby , we met up for dinner at To-gather Cafe ♥ ! 

Didn't have much makeup on so resort to looking ugly as always lol

I got myself the
meatball spaghetti & Quesadilla !

Didn't really like the sauce of 
the spaghetti but I swear the meatballs tastes freaking good ! (Not comparing with Ikea ones because I guess they're both good in different ways) But this one has small slices of onion inside which instantly perks up the taste of it O_O 

Only cost me $5+ , filled with cheese , meat etc . Comes along with that small cup of marinated diced tomatoes , definitely worth trying and I would definitely come back for this again ♥_

Next day (sort of already like today/yesterday) , 
I headed down to Mousetrap's new office and it's looking so good !
Lindsay was with me too ♥ :

 Once Lindsay is done with her stuffs at the office ,
 we had dinner at some Bak Kut Teh place with our boss and the videographer Jocelyn ! AND AGAINNNNNNNNN , I ordered the 奶油鸡丁饭 :D This is by far , the best buttered chicken I've tried , though it costs around $7 per plate , I'm more than willing to pay . 

I'm not someone who
finishes their food , but when I had that just now , I FINISHED EVERY SINGLE THING . Even the lettuce wtf : 

So damn good . 
We also ordered Bak Kut Teh to share , totally feeling sinful enough but it hasn't ended yet cuz we actually went to Ikea to have meatballs , ice cream & curry puff fml :

 Immediately after that , 
we crossed the street and went inside Hong Kong Cafe : 

 And all of that crazy eating
happened within 3 hours only . All of us were complaining how sinful it is hahaha . Why can't using the phone & computer burn calories ): 

So yeap got home , 
blogged (post below) then blogged again (this post) and I guess I'm really gonna sleep now !!!!